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Limited Personal Space?: No Problem

I recently moved to a small room in the Capital City. Being with other people in the same house is not easy, and the thought that my room is “my only private place” makes it even harder.

So, for those like me who are living solo in downtown with limited personal space, the ff. tips may be of help.

1. ORGANIZE, ORGANIZE & ORGANIZE – a well-organized room does not just look airy but truly spacious for your additional belongings, in the future maybe.

2. STORAGES – keep almost everything. It also helps you organize your things & makes everything in their proper places plus it keeps your space spic & span.

3. BUILT-INS – cabinets and lamps, space-savers! Another space-saver is a SOFA-BED if you can sleep comfortably in it, why not?

4. SMALL side tables – it could be a dining table (especially for breakfast) and can double as a desk. I prefer 2 small ones. The other one is for my laptop that doubles as a DVD portable player.

5. A good chair to relax while watching, eating or writing and can be used to hang your jackets.

6. A BOOKSHELF – since I’m a good book collector, I certainly need one! Choose the one which is not bulky & not so tall so you could use the top level for other purposes.

With the creativity of the mind & determination of the heart, nothing is so small or too little.”

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