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♥ House 101 ♥

The hubby & I are moving to our newly leased townhouse somewhere in the South. And I’m too excited to clean, clear and decorate our new love-nest. But, first things first, ayt?! 😉

Since the hubby hates too much heat and given Philippine’s hot weather, THIS GIANT APPLIANCE is a must!

I originally wanted a grayish one but that is not available, so the hubby picks! What more can I expect? 😉 But still, Black I think is so classy!

From something expensive to a more affordable one but nonetheless important (IMO) inside the house.


The actual is a bloodier red than this one (inner & outer). I figured out that a reddish or colorfully bright kitchen area would be perfect for the black fridge and would bring a happy feeling to those who will eat especially during lazy mornings. 🙂

We also bought a wooden ‘prosperity’ dining set, which pictures I will post soon, some blue curtains and a few tablecloths. I’m not a very good cook (yet) but I feel like completing and beautifying the kitchen and dining portion of our house. I really do not know why. Actually, I’m not planning to buy a sofa set anytime soon, not until we move to our real starter home. Ironically that as a kiddo I often fantasize having nice pieces of a sofa. However, I stick to my plan to showcase our travel memorabilia and our wide collections of books which deserve not just a shelf (IMO) but its own cabinet. I don’t want them to get dusty, something inevitable for tropical countries like ours.

Going back to the kitchen ideas, here are some inspirations I found on the web. 😉 What about you? What’s your favorite portion in the house?




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