♥ Every Pinoy’s Fashion-Must-Have: Rainboots (Now Foldable) ♥

My Plueys rain-boots gave up on me after almost 3 years. It was minimally used and I haven’t reached my desired ROI since weather nowadays are so hard to predict (even for PAGASA). One, because it’s heavy to bring as an everyday back-up and if I do, I end up squeezing it to make it fit in a small eco-bag and two, the way people stare at me whenever I wear them makes me a bit conscious. It’s a question to me why for a flood-prone country like ours, only few care to get a pair of rainboots. They are called rainboots for a reason but still, many opt to wear slippers during rainy days which offer no protection from dirty flood. For me, rainboots are a must, after all, it’s a fashion rule to always dress appropriately more-so weather appropriate.
My retired Plueys from ReadyforRain at around Php2,300.00
If before the problem was only how boring rain boots’ designs were (and then solved by the release of fashionable ones like my oh-la-lace Plueys) now, my concern is how to carry them with me as back-ups for the whole rainy season. Thankfully, it seems like I’m not the only who has this valid issue as rainboots  makers now offer foldable ones! How cool is that?! Perfect for commuters like me. Check these foldable, fashionable, functional and sturdy rain boots which are perfect for our flood-ridden lives during horrible months of downpour:

BearCat Rainboots from pinoygreatdeals (Foldable and it comes with a pouch) around Php600.00
 From one of the original makers of foldable flats, RedFoot’s foldable bloody red rainboots at around Php 2000.00 from CashCashPinoy
I now have fewer worries on sudden thunderstorm warnings or on another Habagat episode plus I’ve got more protection from flood-related diseases such as the deadly leptospirosis and the gross, athlete’s foot!  With these boots, I will no longer be caught off-guard (which always happens as I can’t bring with me my heavy unfoldable Plueys all the time). I can also go to the office or head home early since I don’t have to wait for the flood to subside (saving time here). And I can go to the market or pharmacy for emergency supplies and even go to the church despite the flooded streets.
With the recent crazy flooding, I hope that we can use our learnings to improve somehow, somewhere. And I do encourage everyone to invest in a pair of rainboots.  That’s a start! Who cares about those weird stares, let’s see who’s more pitiful  and worth staring at when the rain starts to subscribe UNLIMITED again.
Feels like Monday today, a very good Monday (‘cause it’s Thursday!)
Keep safe and Stay strong,
P.S. In extreme circumstances, we all know that rainboots are gonna be meaningless but still we can’t discount their usefulness.

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