♥ Realizations (Old & New) on Philippine Calamities ♥

Via Effect of Tropical Storm ‘Maring’ (international name Trami) strengthened by ‘Habagat’ (south-west monsoon winds) 
This flood-causing calamity is fast becoming an annual misfortune for our country. If there’s some good these calamities bring, it’s definitely the chance to witness once more the spirit of bayanihan, heroism and generosity of people from all walks of life. Yes, although the rich people are admirable for sharing portion of their wealth, I find the donations of food, money, time and skills from mid-class people who work hard for an honest living, the most touching. The people who were sensitive enough to postpone selfie (and the like) posts and instead spread relevant news and information make me smile and proud (I’d say active) member of the social media. Everybody becomes proud to be a Filipino with the kind of virtues everyone shows in times like these. YET, there are those who took advantage of the situation in all forms as well, publicity, scam, cover-ups, politicking, name it! (May God bless their souls?)
However, I do wish that all these experiences would teach us lessons and those lessons to bring concrete changes somehow, somewhere in our lives and in our communities.  It’s alarming that during interviews of the flood victims, many would say that “they are already used to it” (sanay na kami!). It’s so SAD. No one deserves to be used to that kind of community and state of living. It couldn’t be just rescue and relief every year or every calamity. As I watched the news in TV, I can’t help but notice the similarities from previous years’ episodes, same places, same households, same causes and same effects. Even the broadcasters and month were the same, only their outfits and the days changed. As I think of it carefully, IT SEEMS WE REALLY DIDN’T GET TO SOLVE ANYTHING. COULD IT BE WE DIDN’T LEARN ANYTHING? OR WE LEARNED, AND WE JUST STOPPED THERE?
Via Google Search
Though urgent relief operations are noble and commendable, I wish that help also happens sans a calamity. THE BEST HELP WE COULD GIVE IS TO SOLVE THE MAIN PROBLEM AND NOT JUST EASE THE AFTER EFFECTS. It could be a thorough study by a competent team of the big roots of these floods. Maybe the government is doing this but please hurry before another calamity strikes and they should be transparent about any developments. We want concrete plans and the list of specific jobs done. Concerned congressmen may also put their PDAF on flood-control systems and/or measures. LAWS about proper waste disposal especially of big industries and waste segregation for every household should also be strengthened. Schools must ingrain in children’s values the importance of taking care/ saving Mother Nature which I think is much more necessary than sex education. It could also mean to campaign for the use of eco-friendly products, to re-use, recycle and reduce garbage. It could be to voice our individual concerns re nature destruction (especially reclamation) in lieu of high-rise, expensive condominiums and huge malls. It could be to think and act now with long-term goals in consideration.
A family friend, a Marikina City old folk told me that the flooded areas in their city used to be a river and it’s the same place every year that is hit by severe flooding, as if Nature is getting back what is rightfully hers. For five years, my usual train stop going to the office is LRT 1’s Vito Cruz Station and boy I witnessed how flood has worsened through the years and how fast high rise condominiums were built in the vicinity. Remember the incident near DLSU and a condo on the rise? The enormous use plastics in relief operations have been one of my greatest concerns for many years now. I cannot imagine where those plastics will end up. In the estoros? They might block the drainage and cause floods again. If that would be the case, looking at the big picture, did we really help solve the problem or did we just contribute to the next big wave? It’s gonna be a never ending cycle of harming nature-calamity-rescue-relief-harming nature! The only way to break from this circle and to solve this man-made calamity is to CUT THE ROOTS OF THE PROBLEM. And cutting these roots means HARDWORK and SUSTAINED CHANGES in each and everyone’s long-term goals and lifestyles.
Via Reuter/Yuriko Nakao
Will there be any chance we could set-up evacuation centers like these? With all those billions of PDAF, maybe?
I’m not washing my hands and I won’t. I’m just as guilty as the person next to me. And writing this makes me awfully guilty. I’m not being self-righteous either nor am I lecturing anyone. These are just MY THOUGHTS and until such time that I do something more substantial (than writing) to at least three of my major concerns (reclamation, garbage, change in relief operations), then I have nothing to be proud of and really nothing to offer. May this post be a personal REMINDER and CHALLENGE to nobody else but me.
I once read/heard that humans should not be worried about Mother Nature because she can very well take care of herself, we should be worried about ourselves because we will hardly survive her wrath when she decides to take back what is rightfully hers.
Another long weekend on it’s way. May it be an opportunity for everyone to recuperate, heal and initiate changes that are long been delayed. Let’s not just be part of the TEMPORARY RELIEF but more importantly be part of the LONG-TERM SOLUTION. It’s the greatest gift we could give to the next generation.
❤ ❤ ❤

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