#CleanSlate2016 · Project: Full Life

♥ Year 2015: In Retrospect ♥

I truly believe that it really pays off to literally count our blessings if we want to nurture a grateful heart and a happy and contented life. Having social media day-in, day-out exposes us to feelings of envy, dissatisfaction, resentment, unworthiness and underachievement. I confess that I recently went all through these, just before Christmas. Thanks, FB! But hey, I believe it was a test and I’m happy to announce I’ve passed and that I’ve immediately bounced back into a grateful, happy, contented and motivated person.

So today, let’s count our blessings, shall we?

I’m happy that my 2015 main goals are all accomplished with flying colors! I have been blogging regularly whole 2015. I’ve earned a few thousand through my blog as a matter of fact. I have invested most of my paychecks. I have put up a fund for my kids’ Christmas, baptismal and birthday cash gifts. And, I have printed almost all of our travel pictures! Thank you Photobook Philippines and Metrodeal for the vouchers!

My 5-year plan progress is not so bad either. We’re right on track in our target payment on our starter-home. Four more years and we can finally start with another dream house, the one with a garden, God-willing! I’m glad I did not miss a month for my World Vision sponsorship and even had the chance to extend more blessings, not just to World Vision Philippines causes but also to UNICEF Philippines and World Food Programme (these 3 are my favorites, you must’ve noticed by now). I’d like to believe I’m an advocate of family, children, justice, changes, environment and anything beautiful and meaningful. As for my career, I’m on at it. There may have been some delays and setbacks but I believe I’m where I’m supposed to be.

Forming habits and hoping to turn them into a lifestyle is where I sucked, as in totally. It’s an epic fail. I have not cooked or baked in months. Many of my ingredients (expensive ones!) have expired! I still don’t eat healthily. I have not done any crafts. I barely met any of my friends outside the office. I have not unplugged except for this one instance when I forgot my cellphone at home. No exercise and I stopped reading books in April. For the brighter side, I have gone back to writing or blogging. I have watched movies, inserted some couple-times (Sky Ranch, lunch-dates, dinner-dates) and squeezed in some me-time (went back to studying and had a new short haircut). I have also successfully created several happy memories with my loved ones (Barasoain Church, Tagaytay, Hotel Staycation, Antipolo, Dining out and many more).

Aguis at Caleruega Church in Batangas
Lolo and Lola with Grandchildren at Manaoag Shrine, Pangasinan
At Barasoain Church, Malolos Bulacan
Mother’s Day 2015 Staycation at Century Park Hotel, Manila

My Simple Wishes (kiting, road trip, picnic, stargazing, sunset watching, and backpacking) remain the same even if I’ve done them several times already except for kiting.

My Dreamboard remains the same as well. European tour and a farm.

My One-Time Wishes still stand true to this day. Surfing, hiking, retreat, Asian tour, S.Korean and Japan tours. 

Grateful for 2015

Aside from the humble accomplishments I’ve had concerning my 2015 goals, I would also like to thank several wonderful people who had an amazing contribution to my success and happiness in 2015. I thank my husband for being very supportive of my dreams, for pushing me to go for whatever it is I want to achieve, for believing in my craziest ideas, for encouraging me to try new things, for reminding me not to get lazy, for helping me try again after I fail and for prompting me to study and work harder. Thank you for loving me at my best and at my worst. Thank you for the financial freedom you give me and for your limitless patience and understanding. Thank you for being a good father and husband. Thank you for the spiritual guidance. I can’t imagine a life without you.

Thank you to my lovable kids who inspire me to convert my dreams into reality. Thank your for the honor of being your mother. Thank you for your infinite love to me and for always giving me a chance to be better. If I come to think of it, you are more patient with me than I am with you two. Thank you for bringing so much joy and innocence in our home.

Thank you to my family especially my mom who supports me and looks after everyone’s best interest. Thank you for unnecessarily extending your motherhood to my children. Thank you to my God-given angels, my sisters who love and support me and my family, through the good and bad times. Thank you to the rest of my families for understanding and praying for us during tough times..

Thank you to my friends who I rarely meet and seldom talk to but are still there for me and my family. Thank you for the friendship which knows no boundaries nor time. Thank you for understanding my absence. Thank you for the blessings you unwaveringly share with my children. Thank you for the timeless chats and laughter. I look forward to talking to you all more often this coming year. Let’s keep in touch. Thank you also to the new friends I made in my class. I forgot how amazing it was to form new friendships with other people until I met you J & J.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read my blog, like my FB Page and pay attention to my thoughts and stories which are all work-in-progress. You are my 2015’s greatest blessing. Because of you, I’m striving to be better in what I do. This 2016, I will try to be more relevant, more purposeful and more of service to all of you through this humble blog.

Thank you 2015. I can genuinely conclude that you have been a great year for me despite experiencing loss of a loved one. We are comforted by the fact that our brother is in the loving arms of God. Thank you, Lord, for giving me such an incredibly amazing year, with trials but with great redemption and blessings too. Thank you, Lord, for all the provisions and people (family, old and new friends, bosses, colleagues and service-people) You lovingly blessed me with. I know, I claim and I declare You are going to give me yet another awesome and more blessed year. I can’t wait for 2016. I’m excited really, the first time I feel so excited to turn a new leaf actually!

We still have two more days to enjoy the rest of 2015. Let’s not waste one moment of it. Two more days to wind-down our past 360+ days, to say our sorry, to say our thank you and to map-out our plans for 2016. As I said earlier, it pays off to count your blessings and it also pays off to be grateful and to let the people whom you are thankful for know how much you appreciate them.

Again, count your blessings, say your sorry, say your thank you and look forward to an awesome 2016. Let’s start in a #CleanSlate2016.


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