#CleanSlate2016 · Project: Full Life

♥ Welcome 2016! ♥

Before I finally bid farewell to a remarkable 2015, allow me my dear readers to pay tribute to its awesomeness by looking back at some of my favorite memories from the 365 pages of the book 2015:
Family Time – we had plenty!

Friends – timeless and boundless!

Claret’s First Birthday
My husband and two adorable kids.

Last family photo with Iboy (left most), Dr. Charlie Aguinaldo

A brewing business idea with my sister.

Back to blogging!

First earnings from blogging!

First win in a writing contest!

 After 42 years, a new Miss Universe from the Philippines, 
in probably the most awkward winning moment.
I love her (Pia Wurtzbach, noentheless). 
She’s a perfect role model for hard work and perseverance!
Imagine, three tries at Binibining Pilipinas before she got a crown to compete in Miss U!
She aced the Q&A, even if her answer is too “by-the-book” for me. 
She’s competitive which is very modern for me, 
but still an epitome of grace, confidence and elegance.

A colorful 2015

Greeting Cards

Thank you Lord God for the year that passed. It was a mixture of trials and triumphs, joys and pains, lessons and disappointments, peace and chaos and love. With You at the center, we conquered them all and now we’re celebrating the end of 2015 and the beginning of a new one. It was not easy and happy all the time but with You, everything fits perfectly and beautifully. Thank You!

Now, let me offer to the world, the Universe rather (hehehe – may hangover pa!) and to God Almighty of course, my plans and goals this incoming 2016.

Where do you plan to celebrate the New Year? And how if I may ask? We’re a family of traditions, so I guess in our household we’ll typically have fruits, fish, soup, kakanin, pasta, crispy pata, rice, salt, sugar, cotton and water on the table and make noise by banging casseroles and horn piping at exactly 12 midnight, no firecrackers because we’re cautious people and our neighborhood is not suited for fireworks. I’ll eat twelve grapes, put another twelve in the front-door, wear red, wear all my jewelries, put money under the bed and dang the coins in my pocket. All while watching a mass on TV.

Truth is, it barely matters where and how we celebrate it. The best celebrations happen as long as we’re with our loved ones, in our homes and homes are where our hearts are. The best celebrations happen anywhere because it’s within us, in our souls, in our hearts and minds. Can we peacefully say goodbye to 2015? No hang-ups? Can we positively welcome and look forward to the New Year? It’s all up to us.

Also, I think it’s important to remember not to take for granted the chance given to us to see the year ends and begins because not all were given the same chance. Although I also believe that they are in the happiest and best place already.

I pray for all of us to have an amazing and blessed 2016. Stay safe with firecrackers, okay? And, stay fired-up for your 2016 goals. See you next year!

From our family to yours, A happy and blessed 2016 to you all!

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