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Tipid Tips on Christmas Decorations

Last week, while my husband and I were cleaning our home, he decided to play some Christmas carols over our speaker which has a QSC Audio quality. The loud sound made us forget how tiresome all the chores were and it made us oblivious to time too.
When the lively Christmas music was done, the melodramatic and nostalgic ones started playing. The first song went like this, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…”. That gave me both some chills and some dug up emotions. I don’t know why but any cold and snowy stuff sends me straight down the memory lane. It’s nice to reminisce when it’s ice cold, right? Although sometimes, it can get lonely too, in a sense that you get nostalgic.
Dreaming of a White Christmas Someday
Speaking of a white Christmas, that’s our Christmas décor/tree theme this year. The first actually since this would be our first year to celebrate the Holidays in our own home too. We sought the help of my sister’s brother-in-law from Bataan. The same talented artist who I commissioned to do my giveaways last year – Christmas trees crafted from old newspapers. He’s the one who braved Divisoria for us and he put up our tree and garlands. For those of you who are already in a neck-deep schedule, consider hiring a Christmas stylist for a very nominal fee. You won’t regret it and you’ll love all the time you’d saved from getting their services. You’d help them have a better Christmas too. Will update this post with photos. Stay tuned. (updated)


Allow me to share with you some Tipid Tips in Christmas Decorations:
  • Do not buy in shopping malls. Places like Divisoria, Baclaran, Quiapo and Dapitan Arcade are still the best destinations for decor hunting.
  • Having said the first tip, make sure that you schedule your decor hunting. Be prepared to shop in open spaces (clothes and cash-wise). The best time to go is as early as October or right after Christmas (for next year’s use).
  • Search in advance for pegs and themes. Print if you must. Knowing what you are looking for will make your shopping easier and cost-effective.
  • Save up for a budget. It’s more fun and easier to shop when you have money really intended for that purpose.
  • Mix and Match. Be creative. Most decors are good for multiple uses.
  • Store the decors properly so you can use them for a long time. Designate proper storages, a dry cool place, preferably.
  • You can trade themes or some decors with your siblings or best friends too. That way, you won’t need to spend for an entirely new theme. Just remember to take extra care of your borrowed decors.
  • While it’s a fun experience to put up the decors with the entire family, sometimes it’s best to seek other’s help. It does not always have to professionals, it could be a friend, a sister, a trusted neighbor or a young talented brewing artist. I did ask for someone’s help this year because we no longer have time to shop and decorate the house ourselves. Also, it’s not exactly fun to decorate a huge tree with toddlers around. But, in order not to miss the fun experience, we allowed them to decorate on their own a two-feet Christmas tree. The mess and chaos were at least manageable.


In the meantime, you might want to bless some families’ Noche Buena by participating in World Vision’s Share the Joy of Christmas, Sama-sama tayo sa Noche Buena. 10 days left na lang, I think, so hurry up!

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