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♥ #MamaFinds : Vitamins and Medicines My Family Takes ♥

Christmas is the season to be jolly and DEFINITELY not to be sick! However, this merry season happens to be the time of our year when the temperature drops and as it occurs, many people can easily get sick. In order to protect my family from sickness which can, in turn, spoil this joyful season, I make sure that we give our bodies complete rest, plenty of water and healthy food despite our hectic schedules with left and right celebrations to be attended. Also, I make sure that everyone takes their vitamins every day.
My husband and I have been long-time users of FERN-C (Sodium Ascorbate), a non-acidic vitamin C, because we love how it is gentle on our stomachs. But, since I’m pregnant I’ve recently switched to an OB vitamin which my doctor prescribed to me. My husband continues his FERN-C. My kids, on the other hand, get their dose of natural vitamin C through a mixture of lemon or calamansi and raw honey. It works very well for them. But, last month they got sick despite taking lemon/calamansi with honey, our pediatrician advised us to still give them either a multivitamin supplement or a vitamin C.
So, if you’re curious, I still give my kids the natural mix of honey and lemon/calamansi. I supplement it with FERN-C for kids. Yes, there is now FERN-C for kids. That’s a very good news for me since my kids seem to have inherited my heavily acidic stomach. I’ve tried lots of vitamins/multivitamins already from the time they turned one including the chewable ones but none of them my kids liked. But, thank heavens they liked FERN-C!
Vita Cubes
My kids, just like any other kids perhaps are into eating candies. I do give them candies from time to time as a form of rewards. But, I’d feel guilty for feeding them too much and unnecessary sugar. And, I’d worry I might actually cause their tooth decays. That’s why when I learned about Vita Cubes, fruit-flavored chewable and colorful jelly candies highly packed with essential vitamins and minerals, I immediately let my kids try them. Now, I regularly give them the honey/lemon/calamansi mix, FERN-C and Vita Cubes (my no. 1 choice for my kids’ candies).


Claret is happy with her pack of healthy candies.


Here, I asked her to show it to mom.


Jonath has his own pack too and is chewing one already.


Claret shows her Vita Cubes to me.
ASCOF Lagundi
In the most unfortunate case that some nasty virus still gets through their boosted immune system and developed into a horrible cough, the first thing I give my kids is ASCOF Lagundi. Most of the times, especially when it’s indeed only a common viral infection, all their symptoms would go away in one week. We’ve tried other alternative cough medicines including oregano before but my kids only liked ASCOF Lagundi. And, since it works for them and it has a clearance from our pediatrician (who, btw, does not really believe or prescribe much cough medicines), this has been my go-to medicine whenever my kids start coughing.
I just have to mention here that, before I give all these meds to my kids, I have consulted their pediatrician. Thankfully, we’re blessed with a very nice pedia who patiently and gladly replies to my calls and texts. We do not have to go to her clinic in the slightest symptoms or for one or two questions. We usually see her only during vaccines and when the kids get a high fever or even if it’s not high but the fever does not go away on the 3rd day and if my kids are vomiting or experiencing other alarming signs such as rashes, weakness, and lethargy.
Another thing about my pedia is that she treats antibiotics as some kind of a last resort. She’s very careful in prescribing them to my kids which I appreciate. I have read so much horror stories of people developing resistance to antibiotics because of needless frequent exposure. Recent studies show that antibiotics have been wrongly prescribed by doctors. You see, not all sickness can be cured by antibiotics, just like the common virus.
To end this post, sharing with you one useful infographic from our occupational doctor who is very nice to share with us his own medical infographics from time to time. Thanks, Dr. L!

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