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♥ Attitude of Gratitude: March Edition ♥

I want to keep my mini blog tradition of writing a monthly highlight of my gratitude list. For the month of March, which also marks the end of the first quarter of 2017, I am so grateful to have been blessed with the following:

An essentially normal result of my third baby’s congenital scan. It is usually done before the third trimester and since I am unusually lazy during this pregnancy, I was a tad too late for the congenital scan, one laboratory/clinic/sonologist actually refused me of their services. Thankfully, we found a young and vibrant doctor who was willing to do the ultrasound and she was happy to have had a clear scan of my baby. According to the doctor, the reason why the congenital scan is done before the third trimester is for the doctors to be able to clearly scan the babies since their bones have not yet calcified. Once the baby reaches the third trimester or is big already, it would be difficult if not impossible for the sonologist to scan through their tiny bodies inside the mothers’ wombs.

The next big thing that happened to us this March is the moving up ceremony of my firstborn, Jonath. He graduated with high honors and we’re so damn proud parents seeing our son not only receiving medals and certificates but also performing in front of so many other people. It was an amazing and heart-warming sight.


Then, my not-so-new passion for bed sheets. If I could only practically change our bed sheets every day, I would, but, it’s not economical — it will cost me water and detergents and it will accelerate the deterioration of my bed sheets. Anyway, I discover that the best place to buy, or maybe even hoard for bed sheets and pillowcases is S&R. You do not particularly have to wait for their massive SALE. I bought mine in an ordinary day and they are already quite a steal for 50% off. I’ll edit this once I confirm the thread counts but the hotel-like bed sheet sets (with white vertical lines) cost me only P750.00 at 50% off. Mall and online stores’ prices could reach up to P3,000.00. The pillowcases (set of two) cost me only P100.00 for a buy-one-take-one deal.


Every day, my husband and I thank God for giving us a good starter home. Yes, it may be tiny (especially now that we’re welcoming a new addition to our family), humble and far from our dream home but it gives me and my husband a sense of fulfillment, pride, joy, and inspiration. Someday, we’re going to have our dream home but for now, we are thankful and happy that we have a place we can call our own, from our own sweat and blood too.


Work-wise, this is by far the least stressful book closing I can recall. I was so worried that I’d be so stressed during book closing and risk a pre-term labor but thank God, none of my fears happened.

Last but not the least, we’ve got our car insured with a really nice coverage and the mister has for the first time driven me once for my monthly maternity check-up. I was not really nervous but I was thrilled. He has no idea how long I have waited for that moment — moment I almost believed would never happen since I know that cars and driving are not exactly my husband’s thing. Honestly, if it were not for baby no. 3, he would have not considered buying a car at all.

This monthly gratitude list has made it possible for me to:

  • look back at the past with a grateful heart towards my God
  • remember the lessons I need to learn from past actions
  • anticipate the future, inspired and motivated, knowing I can still do much better
  • focus more on my blessings rather than my problems (yes, a life of bliss is not without a problem but with God who provides solutions and provisions)
  • never forget what matters most in life and;
  • simply be happy for the gift of life

How about you? What are you thankful for?

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