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♥ Blog Fails ♥

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I had plans for my blog, plans which I think would not be prospering this year, or even next year because of my rather sporadic posts. Last year, I got so excited about possible partnerships with several brands and companies as I started getting invited to product/service launches. Sadly, I do not have the luxury of time to attend in each and every event. Even more unfortunate is that after giving birth, I find it more difficult to attend workshops or sign up to distance learning programs that would supposedly polish my writing. This is especially because I do not really possess a formal background in writing, it’s just a hobby turned into a passion. I just love to write, that’s it. The saddest thing is that I often find myself out of time, energy and creativity to write as I am always exhausted at the end of the day after my brain-numbing work and nerve-wracking house chores.

So, there, blogging as a source of income should I leave my 9-5 job is not an option. I honestly thought I could pull it off, like what others did. But now, I have accepted that today is not yet the time. Maybe, someday or maybe, never. I knew right from the start that it would extremely be hard for me to get a blogging career because I am an extremely introvert person. That’s why for now, I am just glad to have my blog to turn to when I get the itch to express my opinions and share my insights and stories, with the hope to inspire, inform and assist my blissful readers., like this post. If things do not happen according to your plan, if you face setbacks and if you feel like you fail, remember that it’s going to be okay and you need not lose heart. Instead, take courage, carry on and move forward. This lesson is what I would want to impart to you all.

So, how did I manage to be okay despite the halt in my blogging career?

I do not make failure a big deal. People fail. Plans fail. But, failure means I was courageous enough to try. And, if I was once that courageous, there is no doubt I could demonstrate the same courageousness again, once the right time and opportunity come.

I believe in second chances, or even third or fourth. There is always hope. Look at the brighter side. Look at the future. Look at the hidden opportunities. Look at the open windows instead of closed doors. Look at the lessons and not the pain. Look at the blessings rather than the misfortunes. If failure is not an option then it is not the end, right?

I don’t stop dreaming and I don’t stop on dreaming. Don’t stop dreaming means when I fail at something or when I realize afterward that it was not the life I’m happy to live with, I’m never afraid or saddened to shift courses and take another path. I’ve always wanted to try online selling and when I finally did, I realized it wasn’t for me. It stresses me out without any sense of fulfillment. I can always build a new dream but it doesn’t end there. I don’t stop on just dreaming. I know I must make a plan, set goals and take actions to bring my dreams into life!

I keep the key to my happiness very close to my heart, not on my material possessions, not on my relationships and definitely not on my achievements. I am happy to have had the chance to do the things I want to do. Trying something productive is for me one of the most liberating things in life. The mere fact that I tried to succeed at something only means I am readying myself for success and that I am already blessed to get the chance to at least try. Kumbaga sa make-up, may primer na ako. Not everybody is courageous and fortunate enough to try to make something good of their lives. While failure and setbacks are inevitable, I know that I can always guard my emotions and control my reactions. I try to laugh at my mistakes and at the same time learn from them. I use failures as my shining guide and golden motivation for my next endeavors.

I give it all up to the BIG MAN up there in heaven. When you give it all up to Him, there is nothing else to bother you. No failure or success is greater than the MAN who creates everything.

Do I feel bad about my non-success in my blogging attempt? Yes, a bit. But, that can’t stop me from writing or blogging down my thoughts simply because I am happy with what I am doing and I am positively certain no one is harmed by what I do or write. As they say, do what you love and money will come later, as a bonus. 🙂

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