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There are so many things I want to post here, like, my next #BlissfulGiveaways (a SaYa baby carrier which is being queried in my inactive online shop at least 3x a day), the rekindled craze for essential oils, the new Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) department order requiring “standing breaks” for sedentary workers (like me), childcare tips and of course money, money, money. Wait, ang bad ko noh? I’ve been meaning to deactivate/uninstall my online shop but the busy working mama (ehem) always forgets. Forgive me. I must do that giveaway before the Halloween to spare myself from plenty inquiries during the five-day break.

For this post, however, I choose to share first about food. Well, because food is important. It is a need. No one lives without a food. Food is life. In a previous post about my hypertension after the third pregnancy, I’ve mentioned about my new favorite go-to online shop for food, and that is, HonestBee. I know what you must be thinking — “ang tamad naman mag-grocery”, “mas mahal yan”, “ang sosyal naman”. But, before you go on with your own verdicts let me tell you first my side of the story.

The Lazy Mama Theory

Okay, it is true that I am lazy getting out of the house especially on weekends because from Monday to Friday, I wake up as early as 5:30 AM to fix everything to start our day before the mister and our children wake up. So, it’s nice and healthy to catch up on my much-needed sleep on weekends. Also, my kids sleep longer when I don’t leave them in bed or room (yes, I’m co-sleeping with them). And since they also wake up early during weekdays, I want them to have plenty of sleep time on weekends. Given the bad traffic in the cities, after-work shopping is not an option. There is a tiny human being waiting for me, or should I say, my breasts. Hehe

The Cost

By doing my food shopping online, which I can do during lunch breaks, waiting times and traffic, I save time — time I can give to other important errands or most important people who are my family. Besides, time means money, too. In today’s world, everything has its cost. Service and convenience are things you must pay for too. The question is, is it worth your money? If it does, then there shouldn’t be any issue about the cost of service, right?

Pang sosyal

I beg to disagree. The world is changing so fast because of modern technology and trying to keep up, adapt and thrive is not in any way being pasosyal. Study abroad reveals how quickly do brick and mortar stores are being replaced by electronic ones. To learn this new innovation and to try to use them to our advantage is not only a practical move but smart as well.

Why do I choose to shop food online?

  • It saves me my precious time. As a working mama, anything that will save me time is something I’ll always choose. The time I saved can be spent for me-time, couple-time and of course, playtime!
  • It is easier to do. You can divide it in piecemeal and just go back to your cart when you are ready to finalize your orders.
  • The service cost plus all other possible costs such as delivery (although most offer free delivery with a minimum shopping amount), would still be cheaper compared to the cost of gas/fare and meals. Shopping personally is physically exhausting, it’ll make you hungry! You’re likely going to eat in a restaurant afterward which entails costs too.
  • It’s a good practice on how to live in a digital world. Anyway, you can always allot your shopping time for exercise instead.

Here are my latest #MommyFinds and #MommyPicks when it comes to online food shopping:

Food Panda

I usually order food from food chains with delivery hotline/service. But, there are days when I crave or want something special to bring home so I tried Food Panda. Depending on your location, they will present you with choices of where you can order your food. I’ve been wanting to try Alba Restaurante Español’s famous paella but no matter how near it is to my office, I and my husband cannot visit the place because we are always rushing home, trying to beat the rush hour and be spared from ruthless city traffic. Thanks to Food Panda, restaurants without delivery service can now be delivered!

So many food choices! And, not your usual food chains. How awesome?
There is even real-time monitoring of your order.


Metro Mart

There are a handful of stores under the belt of Metro Mart but so far I’ve only bought from Cupcakes by Sonja. The yellow cake company has a delivery but their online service is always slow if not down. The red cake company, on the other hand, delivers in selected areas only. Both the yellow and the red are too ordinary for a special occasion, my opinion. Thankfully, there is “Cupcakes by Sonja” in Metro Mart, our celebrations are made more special with their cakes. My favorite is (and the kids too!) their rainbow cake. Soon, I’ll try the cakes from “Tou Les Jours”. There are also several organic, natural and healthy options that can be found on Metro mart that I cannot wait to try.

Look at those options! No need for website-hopping, Metro Mart has the best choices already.
The fantabulous rainbow cake!

Honest Bee

I have been looking for this kind of service for quite some time now. Actually, I already found one but I had to buy P3000.00 worth of groceries in order to get a free delivery and then there is a service charge worth P300.00. For me, it’s too much. With Honest Bee, with just P1000.00 worth of products, delivery would be free of charge and the service/concierge fee is fixed at only P99.00. I tried it the other day and delivery was fast! Tip: Fill your cart slowly every day with their Best Deals for you to save some money. Disclaimer: Read the FAQs re in-store prices and Honest Bee’s prices. Prices are of course slightly higher online. To get the best or in-store prices, buy the Best Deals of the day.

Honest Bee is quickly building up its roster of quality stores.


The more options, the better competition and that means best choices for consumers, like us! As I said, the world is fast changing and we must keep up. I used to enjoy and I do miss going to supermarkets and even wet markets or talipapa. I had good childhood memories there. But, the world is different now. We must embrace the present, make good use of available platforms and use technology to our advantage. As a working mama with a tiny patootie depending on my liquid gold, I need all the help I can get and that includes buying food through my phone/tablet screen and fingertips.

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