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♥ Bye, Bye, Bags! ♥

After three children in a span of six years, my body, style, and preferences have drastically changed. Along with my new mom bod is the need to accept that there is no going back to my pre-pregnancy body, not anytime soon at least. So, I cried when I dug into my closet and finally let go of at least eighty percent of my clothes. Some were branded and hardly ever worn. I was once the type who buys and buys and buys and then forgets about them. I had to let go because no matter how pretty and expensive they are, they just don’t make me feel good about myself anymore.

I started with my clothes, bags next, shoes after that and lastly, my accessories. I realized that I have kept some clothes from five, ten years ago! I also realized that I have more bags than shoes and that I have a very minimal collection of accessories, close to none, actually. I, for example, own only two belts. Anyway, the best part about accepting my new body shape and letting go (selling, giving away or donating) of my old things is that I, of course, would have to buy new ones to replace them. I started off with clothes because I need clothes which fit me well for the office. During the last All Saint’s Day, I put out all my bags and decided which will go and stay. Sharing with you half of my very modest bag collection.

bag blissful thoughts.jpg

  1. White Celine Shoulder Bag, a hand-me-down from my sister. I like the chic look especially the braided straps but the bag is too small for me. Must-go.
  2. T’nalak Shoulder Bag from Luxe Philippines. T’nalak is hand-woven by the T’bolis in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. T’nalak is very sturdy but sadly it damages my clothes. Must-go.
  3. Naraya Small Pink Tote. Because it’s fabric, it’s very light and light bags are good for my MPS and back. I actually have several more Narayas which I don’t get to use when I was still an LRT-warrior. But, now that the Mister services me, I think I could use them more often. This small one, I can give to my daughter. So, GIVE-AWAY.
  4. Unbranded Beige and Pink Sling Bag. I like this bag. No brand, Not too small and not too large either. But, the metal lock in front is starting to fade. Must-go, I guess, even if I don’t actually see anything like it, at least in online stores.
  5. Kate Spade Navy Blue Small Hand/Sling Bag. A keeper. I use this on special occasions like when my husband and I watched the Les Miserables at Solaire and to dinners. STAY.
  6. Kate Spade Red Hand/Sling Bag. A gift. I’d like to keep it because it’s my only red bag. STAY.
  7. Kipling Pink Lunch Sling Bag. Yes, it is an insulated lunch bag. I use it for pedia visits, shopping, church and even in the office. One of my well-used almost abused bag. My sister urges me to let it go. Must-go.
  8. Blue Lacoste Shoulder Bag. Well, I think it has served its purpose in my life. Hehe It is definitely showing signs of wear and tear. Must-go.
  9. Black Longchamp Hand/Sling Bag. I have not used it so much. As a mom, I prefer sling bags, so, STAY.
  10. Black Esprit Duffle/Sling Bag. A gift. I use this for weekenders. STAY.
  11. Michael Kors Document Tote Bag. I bought it when I was still actively applying for a second job. Documents such as credentials fit in perfectly. STAY.
  12. Ni-Qua Large Leather Shoulder Bag. I super love this one. First, it’s made of fine genuine leather. Second, it fits any occasion or places, may it be a shopping mall while wearing tees and shorts, in the office while wearing some dress or slacks or in the park while in jeans looking after the kids. It can double as a diaper bag too. STAY.

As I said, that’s the half of it. I still have some to decide on. A Sonore de Toot, small old Prada, Hawk Backpacks, a Mango Sling Bag and probably more if I dig in deeper in my closets. The last time I bought myself a new bag was during summer of last year. I have actually lost interest in buying new ones since I went crazy for jewelries. Now that I purged six out of my twelve bags, I think I can allow myself to buy a new one. And, for weeks, I’ve been drooling over leather (synthetic) backpacks. I bought one in Zalora and I loved it. My husband thinks it’s cool and good for my shoulders and back too. But, he discourages me to buy a larger one although I want a bigger one. What do you think?

embroidered bag
This is what I bought. I have a thing with anything embroidered. Goes back to my teenage years.
And, this is what I want to buy. sadly, it’s already out of stock! *Image courtesy of Zalora*

It’s not every day that I share this kind of stuff about me. I’m not a fashionista! Never was. Never will be. No talent at all! Hehe I just want to slowly create my own style and put a unique character on my personal stuff especially on what I wear like my love for embroidered anything. I want something about my things that my daughters could cherish and remember someday. That’s why I’m thrilled that embroideries seem to be getting attention lately. I want to hoard especially these outfits from H&M Philippines! Haha Till next!


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