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♥ #BlissfulFinds : Keeping My Children Healthy ♥

I was reviewing our finances the other day and I wondered how come we spent too much this year. Well, I did give birth to our beautiful daughter, baby V. After that, we spent for her baptismal celebration. And, although she has been given generously with monetary gifts or “pakimkim”, I saved them intact in a Mutual Fund. I crazily spent money for jewelries and I had to replace most of my wardrobe. Ahh!

Another expense item which is new to our budget is the monthly vaccine of baby V. We’re almost spending 10 grand every month for vaccines or pedia visits alone. But, I always believed that money spent wisely is never wasted and vaccination is one of the wisest things to do for our children. Actually, next month the vaccine cost would already be easier in our pockets as Ate Claret is already a graduate! Yehey! She and Kuya Jonath would only need the annual flu vaccines. It’s just that last month we had to shell out more for ate and kuya’s Japanese Encephalitis shots. Jap Encep vaccine is newly recommended by DOH due to the rising cases recorded. And, although I was assured by the pedia that mosquitoes carrying JE thrive only in rural and wet field areas, it’s best to take precaution as JE is a serious disease which may lead to deadly complications such as brain infection. So, even if the price of the shots doubled (P3,500.00) due to the high demand, I decided not to delay further. We waited for the stocks replenishment for over a month, after all. So, when it became available, we got it.

I am grateful to God for protecting my kids and for making them generally healthy all the time. And, I thank Him too for giving me the wisdom on how to take care of my children and keep them healthy. Health is, after all, the wealth I value the most. The most serious health concern my kids had was UTI. That’s for kuya where he needed to stay overnight in the hospital when he was only six months old. After that, nothing that OTC medicines (with pedia’s go signal) and home rest can’t handle ever happened. So, thank You! How do i keep my kids healthy? Here’s my checklist.


Vaccines. They need that protection. Time has changed drastically. The environment has never been this polluted. Viral and bacterial infections have evolved and turned themselves into superbugs. I believe that the recommended vaccines are for diseases that are fatal or could cause serious damage to a child. So, don’t think twice. Some of these recommended vaccines are available in local health centers.

Hygiene. Okay, I do believe that children need some dirt in their bodies/system. They need to build their immune system and part of building that up is to be exposed to the natural environment where they live/exist. But, some germs may evolve into non-friendly viruses and bacteria if left to thrive or uncleaned. So, expose them but please, clean them too!

Water. Train them as early as possible to drink lots of water. Being fully hydrated makes their bodies, including internal organs, function better. If our bodies are in perfect working condition, they can fight off most common viruses and bacteria without treatment or medicines. I bought my children one water jug/tumbler each and I encourage them to finish it off during the day. That way, I’ll be able to monitor their water intake by checking their tumblers at night. Also, juices and softdrinks (yes, I let them drink softdrinks) are as much as possible reserved only for celebrations, weekends and dining-out. My kuya goes to school with a water bottle instead of cartons of chocolatey drinks or tetra pack juices. He used to ask me how come his classmates’ baon are more delicious than his. When I asked him why he thinks of that, he said it’s because they bring chocolate drinks and juices instead of water. Then, I told him that water is healthier to drink and since then, he stopped asking or talking about that. Proud of my little boy there!

Sleep. I make sure that they get enough of sleep even if it means staying in bed with them until eight in the morning, or else they would rise up as soon as I did. I also plan our weekends carefully. I schedule activities especially those which require waking up early in the morning every other week, never weekly. I also have strict rules when it comes to night time. It is 9 PM, sharp! Okay, not so sharp. But, it’s 10 PM max or they’d have to deal with the consequences. But, on Saturday and Friday nights, I let them follow their own body clocks (usually no later than 11 PM), as long as we do not have an early morning activity the next day. As much as possible they take afternoon naps, too.

Food. Okay, here’s the sad part (#MommyConfession), as of today I have not figured out yet how to remove processed food, fast food and junks from our table. I am just so glad that my kids are not very picky eaters so every time we have dishes with vegetables, they eat. They particularly like squash, sayote and beans. My husband, on the other hand, makes sure we all eat fruits at least twice a week. I just need to find a way to ditch processed foods first. But, those food has saved us from hunger a lot of times and they are honestly very quick to serve! Maybe, I should lessen our consumption first before finally removing them from our diets. Any tips, mommies?

Vitamins and Supplements. I am excited to share this with you, mommies. My kids, for the longest time, do not take any vitamins aside from the natural mixture of raw honey and lemon juice. They never liked any vitamins in form of syrups. Well, they liked one but when they are throwing a fit, the poor syrup ends up on the floor, in my face, or worse, in my clothes! So, I stopped giving them vitamins because it has become a stressful endeavor and a source of disagreements, commotions, threats, and shouting. Until I discovered Scott’s through a cousin. Now, my problem has turned upside down. It has become hard to stop them taking more than one vitamin a day!

Scott’s Vitamin C is a chewable pastille available in two fruit flavors, mixed berries, and orange. Like As a real vitamin C, it helps support children’s daily immune function, protecting them from illnesses. It also promotes healthy gums and skins. It’s a real vitamin C disguised as a candy! A bottle which contains fifty pastilles costs around P177.25. For kids below twelve years old, the recommended dose is one pastille a day. For adults or older than twelve years old, it’s two pastilles a day.

To solve my new problem, I also bought Scott’s DHA Gummies which contain well, DHA and Vitamin D. DHA is an Omega 3 fatty acid essential for brain development. Normal vision and normal growth and development of bones are also supported by DHA. Scott’s DHA Gummies are specially designed for older kids (5+ years) and can be taken up to three times per day to cover the recommended daily intake of DHA. When I was pregnant, I remember my OB advising me to take vitamins with DHA or eat foods containing them, mostly fish, not only to help the brain development of the babies in my womb but just as importantly, to protect my brain from shrinking! Yes, mothers’ brains may shrink due to the loss or lowered DHA levels. And, where does mommies’ DHA go? Yup, they go to the babies who need them. When you are pregnant and started having memory issues which are not present pre-pregnancy, it’s a sign your brain needs DHA!

Our pedia always asks us what vitamins my children take especially when they have a cough and cold and I always shyly and guiltily say none. Countless times she instructs me to give them vitamins and supplements because they need them even if they are into honey and lemon. I just could not tell her my desperation at those times. Promise, I already bought almost all kinds of vitamins and supplements, none of which my children liked. Thanks to Scott’s, this has come to an end! I now don’t feel guilty for not giving my children the vitamins and nutrients they need! The best thing about Scott’s is that it is not a CANDY CONTAINING VITAMINS, it is a VITAMIN IN A CANDY FORM. That difference is for me, Scott’s best-selling point.

P.S. Scott’s is a trademark owned by or licensed to the GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Group of Companies


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