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♥ #BlissfulHomes : Functional and Kid-friendly Home ♥

It’s past 11 PM. We would be returning to Manila in less than eight hours. Five whole straight days spent with the mister and the kids. Wow! Undoubtedly exhausting but unbelievably blissful too. I don’t know how is that possible. Thank You, dear God, for this blessing.

In my heart, I silently wish that this won’t end, that it would be like this every day. But, I cannot imagine how to work from home with all the house chores glaring right at me and kids bugging me from time to time. We could barely breathe and take a minute off due to the demands of our children. It’s an endless feeding, bathing, brushing of teeth, changing clothes, cleaning butts, tidying up, picking up of toys, whining, crying, preparing milk, changing diapers, yelling and of course, smiling, giggling and laughing. For the mister and me, we cannot help but be amazed by our children. They seem to be growing up so fast. In the middle of our anger, tiredness, frustration, and business, we cannot help but smile and remind/ask ourselves if these creatures really came from us, from my tummy! We love them to bits! The most realistic wish, I guess, is that for more long weekends to come.

Okay, just in case you’re wondering folks. We go back to Manila for weekdays and live with my parents because they look after our kids while we’re working and my eldest goes to school in Manila too. That’s why we only “go home” every weekend or every other weekend when we’re too tired to travel South or when we have a walk on weekends. We really just bought the house so that there’d be a permanent place for our “other” things. We still want to buy one in the Metro but we admit that our tiny home now has a very special spot in our hearts making it so hard to leave it. We have nice neighbors and quiet/peaceful community also.

I also wonder how come my to-dos and to-buys in and for the house seem unending when I’m only dealing with a tiny space. Haha. But, no matter how I want to copy the houses (designs) I see in magazines, in reality, I or we, my family, needs a functional home more than the picture-perfect ones, especially because we have very young children. Functional homes for me are homes which are not only nice to look at in pictures but also serve the people who are living in it and serving them well. A house without a laundry basket is good to look at but seriously, will you keep your laundry bins far from where you change your clothes? Okay, this may not be a problem for those who fortunately have huge houses (correct me if I’m wrong!) but it’s a challenge when you’re dealing with a tiny space. Why I think we have a functional and kid-friendly home? Read on.

We don’t have a center table because the kids like to move around, a lot! I instead bought a heavy duty ottoman which serves different purposes – extra chair for visitors, an instant center table or someplace we can rest our bags.


I only have very limited figurines displayed, all of them are out of my children’s reach. We ditch anything edgy and fragile, especially the knick-knack items. Take, for example, my collection of snow globes. They are simply not kid-friendly. We hang what we can hang. We hang our TVs and we use wall fans.

house with kids.jpg

Everything has a meaning or purpose. I used our narra side table as my children’s dining and work table instead of a plastic one, as seen above. I put that foldable on our terrace. The narra table is right beside our platera/plate cabinet (see right side of the pic above). Ikea metal shelves are a great addition too which can hold things we need and display some items which add beauty and character to the house.


I use melaware plates, at least for now. The original plan was for the kids to use it and there’s supposedly a separate set of plates for me and my husband. But, I always end up eating my kids’ leftover and so I inevitably eat on their plates too. Tipid hugas pa. Hehe.

I see to it that everything we need or use are within our reach. This, I need to save my sanity as my kids and husband like keep asking me where the things are kept, even if they are not kept at all! I was asked one time by my husband if we have any tissue/napkin. And, we do. In fact, we have five tissue/napkin holders (stocked up) scattered all over our tiny house! That excludes wet wipes! So, there, it’s easier for me if I put everything they need and use on display.

If you are a parent of young children living in a small house, every nook should be a workspace. There’s a place for them to play in the living room (although I discourage this since I already made one of the rooms as their playroom where they have all their toys and where they can play to their hearts’ content and where they are responsible for keeping it spic and span). There’s a place where I dry them and change their clothes. There’s a place for the mister’s stuff and there’s a place for my vacuum. Some, like my sister, does not like having too many rags lying around the house but because of the kids, I need those rags! I cannot risk them slipping off the floor due to wet feet.



The point is because of our young children we have to be more creative in making our house beautiful yet safe for the kids and functional for the parents (of those kids). Hehe. I guess all I want to say is that we are exhausted beyond belief yet extremely happy. And, I’m missing our home already.

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