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♥ Anne Curtis’ Wedding Makes Me Nostalgic ♥

I rarely get interested in celebrity weddings. But, I found myself smitten over the New Zealand wedding of actress Anne Curtis to her long-time boyfriend, chef and vlogger, Erwan Heusaff. From the pictures and videos uploaded in social media which I happen to take a look at, it was a fun and beautiful intimate destination wedding. Ah, basta! I love it! From afar, I could feel their love vibes. Lakas maka in-love! I was nostalgic for my own wedding. Also, maybe one reason I was as if naturally drawn to their wedding is that New Zealand, their chosen destination has a very special place in my heart. I had wonderful and best memories there for six months. Hay, I miss it! Such a lovely and magical country, indeed. I have not traveled the whole earth yet but New Zealand, as of today, is my vision of the last frontier.

What I remember I like in New Zealand?

  • It definitely has less pollution. It’s very tidy and the people are seriously trying to keep it that way, super clean! They are not keen on using plastic. Use of eco bags is the thing! And, waste segregation is strictly implemented.
  • It’s fairly safe, actually nice, to walk and run around. There are spacious parks and gardens even in the city.
  • Healthy living, including healthy eating, is encouraged. Everyone loves to eat fresh produce!
  • It’s a breeze to open/close bank accounts, do online interbank transactions and pay/file taxes.
  • They have delicious biscuits!
  • They observe anti-discrimination policies/laws. People are generally polite and kind.
  • They have a rich culture. Read up.
  • It’s a home of fresh milk and good chocolates.
  • They now have an unlimited internet plan. When I was there, the plans were pegged per gigabytes or per usage. But, they’ve progressed. Unfortunately, it’s the exact opposite of what is happening in our beloved country. Telcoms used to offer unlimited internet (I still have one from 2009!) but they reduced it to plans per gigabytes. Hay, que horror!
  • It has picturesque sceneries. A short walk or quick trip to somewhere can be an instant photoshoot. To prove, here are some photos, as if mere words are not enough. My sister-in-law is still happily living there, by the way.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I wish that one day, hopefully on our 10th anniversary, we could revisit this paradise which gave us so many blissful memories to hold and treasure for the rest of our lives.

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