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♥ What Shall I Do for My Birthday? ♥

I am feeling a bit under the weather lately. Birthday blues, perhaps? Or, maybe I am just hormonal. Or, could be both! Because of this “feeling”, I am doing a little Internet research about how can I balance my hormones the natural way, especially by using essential oils. The other day, I had a terrible headache and my little potion of essential oils did its job like a magic. So, now, I’m turning into them again to help me with my supposed imbalanced hormones. More about hormones next time.

As for my birthday blues, it was I think aggravated by several factors. My husband went out of town for work this weekend. I felt a tinge of bitterness as I see him prepare for yet another trip. He bought new snorkels and aqua shoes and charged our underwater camera. The thing that I envy the most is their destination, Coron! Right before I became a mom back in 2012, we were supposed to go to Coron. We already had plane tickets but due to my cramps, the doctor didn’t allow me to travel. And, as if it’s not torturous enough that I have to single-handedly parent our three children while he’s away while beating work deadlines, I received a call from him before boarding and I heard all the airport noise which was once a sweet music to my ears. Oh, how I miss to travel! My lack of exploration of somewhere new or travel really makes me sad. But, when I look at my kids, I know I’m blessed beyond belief and I’m where I’m supposed to be, just exactly where God purposed me to be. Motherhood, after all, is a wonderful journey itself. In God’s perfect time, I’m going to see places again.


For now, I’m looking forward to my birthday. I don’t know how to celebrate it. We have several ideas and it is so damn difficult to choose.

Idea No. 1. Eat-All-You-Can or have a food trip the entire day. We enjoy eating with our kids but to be honest, we could not enjoy our meals. We just want to eat good food, nice and slow, savoring the smell and relishing each bite! In between eats, we could probably squeeze in a movie. I’m excited to try new restaurants but this sounds boring, doesn’t it?

Idea No. 2. Staycation, but not overnight. We have done it once, booked a hotel, checked-in after lunch, went home to the kids around 9 PM, then went back to the hotel for breakfast until check-out. It was fun but it does not come cheap. Too bad there are no hotels in Metro Manila for day-trippers. Hehe. But, I understand. When I was sending e-mails to hotel inquiring about their daytime only services, I received some replies which are close to bewilderment. Haha. I had to explain pa that we had kids kase so we could not stay overnight. We just like to spend the day. They still replied but for some reason, I have this feeling that they don’t believe what I said. Basta, one reply was hilarious but I won’t share anymore. I’m too embarrassed. But, as I said, I perfectly understand. They have a name/brand/business to protect.

Idea No. 3. Stay in our home south. Since we cannot fully maximize a hotel booking, might as well we drive down south and seek sanctuary from our own home. But, my husband fears I or we would end up doing house chores on my birthday! Same fear, actually.

Idea No. 4. Shop ‘til we drop. Christmas is knocking on the corner. Bonuses are coming in. Sales are mushrooming. And, work, yes work, is still demanding, we cannot complete our Christmas shopping list. There are a few stores we would like to visit and we’d like to pay our RPT early. This sounds a good plan yet very expensive and exhausting. I want to not stress on my birthday. I want to breath more fresh air and relax.

Idea No. 5. Go anywhere I can be close to nature. I’m still obviously mending my broken heart and dream about me and my hubby enjoying Coron, together! Maybe we can explore Laguna again, preferably the one where I can enjoy the relaxing view of the lake. I’m considering a hanging garden resort in Antipolo too. Or, if I really need to stay within the city, I certainly could say hi to our friends in Hotel H2O and be refreshed by the Manila Sunset.

Birthdays. The more that comes, the more special I want them to be. It’s a subtle reminder that life is fleeting, life is good, life is here and now, life is to live, life is a gift from God. May this episode of birthday blues be over. I know it will. Your greetings would surely spike up my happy hormones. So, please do send them my way. 🙂

porcelain plates
My advanced birthday gift to myself.
titanic book
Advanced birthday gift from the Mister.


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