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♥ Happy Birthday Post: My Most Valuable Gift: My Love, My Husband ♥

No eat-all-you-can | I want to go back to size ten | No overnight | Can’t keep my kids out of sight | No travel down South | And risk a traffic bout | No coming close to nature | That deserves a full adventure | No big-time shopping | I’m curving our spending | But, still, a happy birthday indeed! | Because with a loving man, I get to spend it with! |

An attitude of Gratitude: That is one values I aim to be cultivated this year. While my blog posts about it stopped last June, I don’t and never will cease from being grateful for every blessing, big and small, that come our way especially this year. Just like what I told my husband; so much have slipped through our hands, both intentionally and not, yet we are still full because His blessings just keep on coming.

Another year was added to my life and there are no words to describe just how thankful I am for the life God blessed me with. You know what? My life is not perfect. And, I don’t think it ever will be. I’m not sure if I want it perfect either. I have so many things on my plate — difficulties, responsibilities and personal questions. But, God is not only a generous God, He is kind, caring and loving too. Well, among others.

So, aside from the financial blessings, I want to be grateful, big time, for my family and friends, our safety, health, and happiness. Honestly, that’s all I pray for. But, I don’t want the Big Man to think I’m undermining Him and His powers, so, I pray for an extra pocketful.

I did not have a celebration for my birthday but getting the rare chance of spending it with my husband dear is all the gift and/or celebration I could hope for. I was thinking of writing a tribute-like post for my husband in time for our wedding anniversary next year. But, for my birthday, although I’m already blessed beyond belief, I know in my heart that God already gave me one of the greatest gifts I could ever receive, one that would last a lifetime. And, that’s my marriage with my husband dear.

Let me take this opportunity of a birthday gratitude post, to highlight how thankful I am to be blessed with a man like my husband.

He is a man of God. For the past decade, he inspires and encourages me to live in the light of God. He does the same for our children. He respects me in every way a woman wants to be respected. He never bosses me around. He never hurt me, at least intentionally. He does not have vices. He trusts me so much. He is a good provider. He supports me the best way he can. He takes care of our family. He gets his hands dirty for our children. He encourages me to push myself to the limits. He believes in me and that I can become better. Whenever I fall short or fail at something, he’s the first person to be there. Sometimes to help me up. Sometimes to just be there and comfort me. He gives me no troubles.

As if those are not enough, let me stop talking about what he does for us, his loved ones, and start talking about how he is with other people.

He always sees the best of people. He resents no one. He hates no one. He thinks and roots for others’ best interests. He is sure of himself. He need not be muscled or handsome just to feel good about himself. He is confident but never arrogant, proud or feeling know-it-all. He listens. I never have to deal with (a man’s) insecurities. He offers answers and solutions. He is a man of good judgment. He works hard and diligently. Between us, it’s him who is more dedicated when it comes to work. I used to dislike the idea but soon learned to accept and love what he loves, work included. He never worries. It’s not in his vocabulary. It was in fact, I, who introduced him to insecurities and worries. Now, I feel like Eve. I’m Eve. He’s Adam. But, thankfully, Adam regains himself and Eve, from then on, submits herself.

My husband is a REAL person. Hence, he is not perfect and never will be. But, he is perfectly imperfect for me. The things about him which annoy me the most are negligible considering how minute they are as compared to the rest of his awesome traits. Again, for my birthday this year, thank You, Lord, for allowing me to spend it with my love. Thank You for blessing me with a wonderful husband. True enough, if you want to be married and happy, marry the right person. Honestly, I can’t imagine myself without my better half. My one ardent prayer for my birthday is for us to be happily and healthily together for many more years. AMEN to that!

P.S. I absolutely love my birthday, as it falls on the month of December. It seems like a prelude to the festive, wondrous and blissful Holiday season!

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