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♥ Thank you, 2017! We’ll Make It Happen, 2018! ♥

The year that was (well, almost) was a perfect combination of ups and downs, a perfect blend of sugar and spice, and a perfect mix of tests and triumphs. Not that I forget what I have been blessed with this 2017 but for everything I’m grateful for, please click this link, a collection of my gratitude lists.



These were my goals in 2017:
❤ We had our car. Just in time for TNVS’ issues with LTFRB.
❤ We are somehow insured. I always joke, my husband, that everything will be taken care of upon our deaths except for how our children will live.
❤ Beautiful memories, I believe we have plenty.
❤ I’ve read scriptures but I have not finished the Bible yet.
❤ I don’t earn on my blogging. No time to write or study how to write. But, I do earn from trading.
❤ I reached my target but I could have reached higher if I hadn’t been careless and if I had made wiser choices.

For the first time ever, I’m this early in writing, declaring and claiming the things I would like to achieve for next year because I want to pray for them come Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Here are my goals for 2018, with the hashtag Make It Happen, with a lot simpler look and a handwritten (doodled) year:



Of course, I still like to read the Bible (and finish it cover to cover). That is where I basically get enlightenment, wisdom, guidance, and strength.

As I said, this blog is not earning (yet) but I’m surprised how I earned from short-term trading of stocks. I thank MEG, PCOR, ALI, RLC, and SMC for the early Christmas Bonus. How I wish I have more capital. My last ten trades were profitable so I thought to myself, if it’s where I earn, then it’s where I should invest, not only my money but more importantly, my time. Taking this more seriously next year.

To whom much is given, much is expected. It’s a miracle how we are ending 2017 financially stable, considering how much we had to spend this year, starting from my emergency cesarean delivery. And, while I’m happy to have given and shared, I feel my efforts are still not enough. So, making it more regular and in-program (budgeted) next year.

While I was reviewing our finances for the year, I was shocked when I discovered we could have fully paid our house loan if I did not carelessly spend on my wants/obsessions. If I was able to do it in 2017, then I’d do it again this coming year and pay-off our loan so we could finally hunt for a new property.

I once mentioned that saving and investing are much like the stocks in the market, may resistance! Haha. Whenever I reach a certain level, I end up spending rather than breaking my comfort level of savings. I must break this personal resistance in 2018. So, I’m forgetting the figures of 2017 and start a new portfolio this 2018. I hope this strategy works so I can double whatever we are keeping for our three children.

I would also like to expand my knowledge next year. I am certain to be able to get some units for my profession because I need them for license renewal. But, I also want to enroll on GIA since I’m not keen on stopping my jewelry obsession anytime soon. Who knows, I’d be a top-notch appraiser someday? Haha. However, this is not a priority. My three little boogies still are my number one and of course their father.

Something about ending the past year and starting a new one makes me giddy and gives me an adrenaline rush. Oh, well. Happy Holidaze!

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