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♥ Things Your Hopeless Romantic BAE Secretly Wants You to Do ♥

Another heart’s day had passed, I hope you had a good one. My husband and I used to celebrate Valentine’s Day when we were just boyfriend and girlfriend. After getting married, though, we stopped joining in the crowd of lovers and braving the despicable traffic jam on this day. It’s okay with me since I’m not really the type of person who enjoys crowded places and, anyway, who enjoys a terrible traffic, right? As long as I get my flowers on that day, I’m okay. Haha. I know it’s not practical and killing flowers for this day is still questionable especially for the green patriots. I once tried to do away with flowers, so, my husband gave me an edible one. But, later, I conceded as flowers bring so much joy into my heart and color to any room. They simply brighten up everything.

When we were on our way home last Valentine, from an exhausting day at our respective offices, the taxi driver was so pissed off with the traffic. He lamented how overrated Valentine is. He pointed out how hopeless romantic Filipinos are. He even overshared the story of his passengers, a couple, whom he drove into a nearby inn, who were on the waitlist! While I don’t understand it as well, the need to eat out or make out ON THIS DAY, I totally respect other people’s preferences. Maybe it’s because people see Valentine as their chance to show their love. It’s their chance to make up for being busy. It’s one day in a year when nothing else matters but the two of them. It’s one day out of three hundred sixty-five when we can all be hopeless romantics without a care.

Speaking of hopeless romantic, this nature of Filipinos could work to our advantage. If like me, you hate the traffic, the crowd and the waiting for a table, then turn any day into a Valentine day. I’m sure many hopeless romantics would dig into this idea of  “every day is a Valentine day with you, my love”. Men, read-up, here are the things your hopeless romantic BAE secretly (or not!) wants you to do for her so that every day could be a heart’s day:

1. She wants some flowers on monumental occasions and at least one per year for no reason. For the past ten years. I’ve been receiving flowers from my husband for Valentine. And, each time, it never failed to make me kilig and smile. Giving flowers is one sure way to make someone feel special. Throw in some chocolates for an added sweetness factor.

My flowers from hubby last Valentine

2. She wants a nice massage. A touch therapy from someone she loves is an absolute treat. Who does not love a good massage after a long and tiring day? Hand massage. Back massage. Feet massage. In that order. Use her favorite oils or ointments and she’s totally off to a massage she’ll never forget.

3. She wants to go on a date with you without exerting an effort on her part. She wants you to be the one who exerts effort, instead. Meaning, invite her out for a date which is already planned or arranged by you, not her. Yes, it may sound like a test of how much you know her so there’s a chance that you won’t get it right/perfect. But, don’t be discouraged because it is always the thoughts that count.

4. She wants hand-written love letters. Nothing is more personal than a hand-written declaration of love. Do it and let’s see if you won’t get a tight hug and long kiss.

5. She wants to have a sponsored shopping spree. Most girls love to shop, I bet you know that already. But, frugal us sometimes feel guilty doing so. Giving her money intended for shopping would signal support or permission from you. This is especially true for stay at home mamas.

6. She wants to know if you value her work and contribution to you as a person and to the family. It’s not really about praising her or appreciating her. But, knowing that you notice her hard work and efforts is enough encouragement for her to keep up what she’s doing.

7. She wants you to look at her in the eye, the kind that would melt her heart. In this time when everything happens at a speed, we sometimes forget to focus our full attention even to the most important person in our lives. Looking someone lovingly in the eye is just the way to do it. No any other way.

8. She wants you to remember the three important conversations in a day. Say good morning as soon as you wake up. Check on her within the day. And, say sweet night before dozing off at night. Do it no matter how much you need to rush in the morning. Do it no matter how busy your day is. Do it no matter how tired and sleepy you are at night.

9. She wants a gentle touch from you in public. Occasional sweetness in public will let her know how happy and proud you are of having her beside you. I personally dislike too much public display of affection but I like a gentle touch from my love from time to time even in public. It makes me high! High on love.

10. She wants you to take interest in her dreams and life plans. So, ask what she dreams of. Ask about her plans in life. Women, in general, like talking about these things. We are dreamers and visionaries. Taking interest in her dreams in life assures her that she is with the right person.

With these tips, I’m sure you’ll be able to please the love of your life, may she be a hopeless romantic or not. Quick, turn any day into a romantic day! Personally, I can relate to numbers three and four. One day, I would be able to extract those from my husband! Haha.


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