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♥ Multi-purpose Products You Would Want to Have ♥

As I grew older but wiser, I have refrained from sharing too much of product stories which I either bought or was given to. I’ve become picky about what products to share here. Very different from before when I used to blog almost every purchase I made. Now, only those I truly use and believe in make the cut. What you are about to read is not my usual #BlissfulFinds post as this can be categorized in #MoneyBliss as well. But, let’s take a break from “serious money talks”.

I am a self-confessed obsessed with anything two-in-one or double/multi-purpose products. The reason why I love products with many uses is that they save me spaces and money. Below are my top choices for double/multi-purpose products:

1. Powerbanks with built-in LED lights. Gone are the days when you need emergency lights or flashlights and at the same time make sure they have running batteries, whether the rechargeable ones or the disposables. All you need to maintain now is your powerbank!

rechargeable fans.jpg

2. The emergency lights I keep at our house are also battery-operated/rechargeable fans. When you have young children, brown-outs/black-outs will be one of your nightmares. Trust me!


3. Happy Skin’s Lip and Cheek Mousse. My everyday companion. This little dual-purpose wonder is a staple in my purse. Transforms my look instantly without carrying a whole arsenal of make-up. Serves just right my minimalist low-maintenance stance.

4. Uniqlo Reversible Jackets. These are one of the many awesome Uniqlo clothing items. You can already achieve several looks with just one jacket! You can even use the hooded ones during light showers and not worry about getting wet inside.


5. I use all-natural hand sanitizers with no harmful chemicals added so that I won’t have to worry when my kids eat through their fingers. I’m confident their hands are clean and at the same time food-safe. It also eases my husband worry of them ingesting harmful chemicals found in alcohol disinfectants we all are familiar with. I use this to clean toys and surfaces too which my children touch.

travel bottle.jpg

6. Three-in-one travel bottles. You just don’t know when you’ll need a handy liquid soap, insect repellant, and perfume. Instead of keeping several small bottles on my purse of products which I use only when the need arises, I just keep one. Space-saver, truly!

naraya bags.jpg

7. My NARAYA bags can double as diaper bags. I have let go many of my stored bags last year. I kept only what I know I will still use. Among them is my “accidental” NARAYA bag collection. Why accidental? Because in my recollection, I only bought one or two of what I currently own. Most of my NARAYA bags are pasalubongs, hand-me-downs or gifts from my sisters. I know! Lucky girl, I am. These cloth bags are chic with that signature ribbon, spacious and can effortllessly fit into any occasions except the rainy season.

8. BB or CC creams with at least SPF 35. I am a lazy person when it comes to skincare so I really look for a product that would cover all bases. I stopped applying Nivea sunscreen daily the moment I got creams with SPF 35 component. Not only a money-saver, a time-saver as well for my always rushed morning routine.

essential oils.jpg

9. Essential oils which I can mix to make the blends I need (for allergy, stress, muscle pains, deodorant, moisturizer, disinfectant, hypertension, and what have you). Many have gone crazy over EOs and with a good valid reason, I must say. Next time, I’ll share with you my favorite EO recipes/blends.

lucas papaw.jpg

10. The latest multi-purpose product fad which I gave a try is LUCAS PAPAW OINTMENT. I first got a whiff of LUCAS PAPAW OINTMENT sometime last year while I was watching celebrity bag raids. I got curious so I bought one. There were only a few online stores selling original PAPAW back then unlike today. LUCAS PAPAW is just like a petroleum jelly, only improved because of its healing properties from papaya.

This little wonder is a keeper for every mama who likes to be ready for anything and everything when her kids are with her. I used to carry around a bee propolis ointment for insect bites and wound care but it cannot be applied to my lips. I also carry around the ever effective Calmoseptine for rashes and minor skin cuts and burns. Sadly, it cannot be applied to my lips either. Plus, it comes in an unresealable sachet. Bad idea for bringing outside the house. So, LUCAS PAPAW it is whenever the kids and I are out. I’m ready for any skin issues they may have and at the same time my lips won’t ever dry up. Something which happens often when  I have my kids with me.


It is an Australian product made from active ingredient of fresh and fermented Carica Papaya mixed with a pharmaceutical grade petroleum jelly as the carrier. It is an ointment applied topically for boils, burns, chafing, cuts, cracked skin, gravel rash, splinters, open wounds, insect bites and nappy rash. Although not stated in the product guide, users claim it can moisturize the lips and hair. According to their website, it is safe to use as lips moisturizer. However, it has no added moisturizing properties. Its main benefit is to heal. Before you buy it, you may want to read the FAQ section of their official website. It is concise and honest!

I feel overjoyed every time I buy/use a product that has more than one purpose. I don’t know but I really feel kilig. Haha. How about you? Are you also on the constant look for multi-purpose products? The makers of these products must be geniuses. Hehe. Save space, save time and save money all at the same time by carefully picking products which can serve you in more than just one way. It’s like the money lesson – let your money work for you. Let the things you buy serve you, well and in many ways.

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