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♥ How to Celebrate Mothers’ Day Ironically? ♥

As a matter of our family’s young tradition of celebrating Mothers’ Day by a staycation, we all went to Pico de Loro in Nasugbu, Batangas. The long drive in a zigzag road with three kids in tow was in itself exhausting. What were we thinking going on a roadtrip with these three rambunctious children?!

Because of that exhausting roadtrip, all I wanted for Mother’s Day was to lie down in bed undisturbed and be sedentary for the next 24 hours while looking out at the window with nature in sight. Hehe. But, with three excited children, that was too much to ask for, I know! Next year, I might just let go of this (ridiculous) Mother’s Day tradition of ours and instead opt for a more chill and laid-back celebration. I’ll reserve hotel staycations for the kids’ annual summer getaway. Mas makakatipid pa ako!

After all, there are many other ways to celebrate mommies’ special day!

Staying Home.

The family can stay at home but everyone should make sure that mommy won’t do any chores for the family. Let her enjoy her “me time” at home, tinkering her own collections or arranging her own wardrobe. Or, she can catch up on her favorite shows/movies or read an entire novel. Albeit this is hard, mommy not doing the chores she sees around the house, it’s worth a try. But, you know what’s the perfect solution for this? Make sure that daddies and the kids do all the chores so that there’ll be nothing left for mommies to do!

Let Her Have a Date with Her Mama.

Wouldn’t it be nice for mothers and daughters to celebrate one special day together as both moms? I personally find it beautiful, sharing motherhood stories and experiences with my mom. I’ve got to learn how to drive a car soon so my mom and I can have dates, just the two of us. It is mama’s day anyway, so, let the mamas enjoy each other’s company. Surely, there’s a ton of things they can do together, like, shopping, salon visit or see a movie.

Treat Her for a Spa and Massage.

All mommies are hardworkers whether or not they are working to earn money. And, all hardworkers need their muscles relaxed and their skin rejuvenated from time to time. Everyday stress adds up and takes a toll on our body and skin. Mamas are endlessly and tirelessly taking good care of everyone else first at the expense of her own well-being. I am so guilty of this! I’ve neglected myself and my own needs put on the back burner tad too many times. All mamas would feel guilty prioritizing themselves. As I write this, I can feel my tensed muscle at the back of my neck and shoulder blades. Sigh.

A Healthy Brunch or a Good Dinner.

As long as the kids are still too young to plan something out for their mothers, husbands should take charge! Daddies, take note of that. A nice meal that we did not cook or order for takeaway is a good start. It does not matter if you reserve seats in a fancy restaurant or prepare home-cooked meals. It’s the thought that counts, really. Plus, the effort!


One thing that mothers lost the day they became mothers is time. Time for ourselves. Time for our other passions. When we can have a day all to ourselves, we’d be in cloud nine, believe me. We’d be very glad to have one day off from all the pressures of motherhood. Just imagining of one day when I do not have to worry about my kids’ meals, hygiene, nap time, screen time, bath time, and etc etc, makes me euphoric. Haha. Simply put, just give us some downtime when it comes to the kids.

Last Mother’s Day, when hubby and I were brainstorming these ideas, we found it ironic – celebrating mothers’ day away from the kids (the very reason why/how I became a mother in the first place). But, no guilt here, mommies, because I know in my heart that I can never ever live a single moment of my life without them in my heart, mind, and soul. It doesn’t really matter where I’m at or what I’m doing. My children will always always be with me simply because I’m their mother.

How was your Mother’s Day, mommies?

pico de loro
Jonath and his father – busy making mini sand castles.

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