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♥ Sourcing Food Products at Food Shows ♥

Last month, Super 8 Grocery held a Funfest at the WTC in Pasay City. My husband and I, as patrons, were invited. Unfortunately, we had other activities on those days. I heard and read that it was a fun day with lots of raffle prizes, wholesale deals, and entertainment. (Read more about it in the words of Ms. Frances Sales of Topaz Horizon.) Just weeks ago, Puregold also held its annual Aling Puring Convention at WTC, Pasay City. As I passed by the area at around six in the evening, I was met by a wave of crowd carrying green eco bags filled with grocery items from the convention. I missed it as well. But, alas, last weekend was my luck! I went to WTC and PTTC, Pasay City for IFEX Philippines. Not only did I score delicious food at great affordable prices, I was also able to buy export-quality products from all over the Philippines.

Mamas, here’s what I bought at IFEX Philippines:

33830119_10213631002582965_7907699846146949120_n (1)
Spanish Sardines from Universal Canning (makers of Family and Master), sold at P30, buy one-take-one. (bottled one not included)
Bottled Fishes are so in these days. This one is from Laguna and it was very good. P120/bottle
The Honey I’ve been looking for. Raw but clean. Premium quality and tastes sooo good! P350/bottle
Another thing I’ve been looking for, Coconut Sugar. They say it’s healthier so I want to give it a try. P120/pack
These are for my husband and it passed his OC-test. VCOs exported in Malaysia. P350/bottle
Pasalubong for kids! Husband bought this so I (and he) don’t know the price. But, it’s delicious!
Buy-on-take-one peanut brittle. P100/2pcs
This is my favorite amongst my hauls because it has a good packaging. Perfect gift idea, too! Canned milkfish tastes good too. P200/set
Fisher Farms’ milkfish sausages are something people were raving about. So, I thought I should give it a try. P165-265/pack.

I used to not care about Food Shows. Strangely, here I am now tracking every food shows schedules. Oh, is it motherhood or am I simply adulting? You know what else made me absolutely glad for attending IFEX? It’s a great avenue to support our local products and SMEs. Kaya naman, see you mamas at the next Food Show!

(Not in photos: Avocados from Davao at P78/kg and Pampanga and Naga Pili Nuts P270-P300/bottle)

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