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♥ Iron Supplement Your Kids Will Love ♥

After successfully finding a Vitamin C supplement that my children like taking by themselves (yep, without drama or pilitan), my next mommy quest is to find them an iron supplement that they will also like as much as they like their Vitamin C. I’m too tired na kasi from work most of the weekdays that’s why I no longer have the energy to outwit them or run after them just to put in their mouths their vitamins. Plus, as much as I try to serve them with complete and balanced diet, there are days when I’m not sure if they are still eating right and healthily. #MommyConfession Fast food, chichirya, processed meat, packed juices, soda, and candies are still so much in their diets, albeit not daily.

Their pediatrician, Dra. A keeps on giving her recommendations whenever I tell her about my worry – iron deficiency of my kids. I worry because Dra. A and I agree that my kids especially my first born are on the pale side. Even if she assures me that there is nothing for me to worry about, I could not help it, so, we’ve been in search of an iron supplement na pasok sa panlasa ng kids. Believe me, mommies, I tried so many brands and they all disliked them until Dra. A gladly told us about FeroKids.

What is FeroKids?
It is an iron supplement specially made for kids which comes in the form of yummy gummy bears! You know naman, mommies, when it comes to kids, anything chewable, anything sweet or tasteless and anything candy-like is what’s best. Yun ang pinakamadali ipa-take sa kanila.

FeroKids is made by Pascual Consumer Healthcare Corp. Every gummy bear contains 15mg of iron (5 mg of which is elemental iron). You do not need a prescription to buy one from a local pharmacy. For children 2-9 years old, the recommended dosage is one gummy bear a day. For 9 years and older, the dosage is two to four gummy bears a day. IT IS BEST TO CONSULT YOUR PEDIATRICIAN OR FAMILY DOCTOR BEFORE ADMINISTRATION FOR THE MOST ACCURATE PRESCRIPTION. Iron is best absorbed by our body on an empty stomach, but it may be taken with meals if stomach upset occurs. A bottle of FeroKids cost around P300.00 and contains 30 gummy bears.

Not much about FeroKids is written on the Internet. My guess is that not many parents are aware that iron-deficiency in children can affect the child’s growth and could lead to anemia in their adolescence.

Why is IRON important?
According to the website MayoClinic.Org, iron is an essential nutrient needed for children’s proper growth and development. Iron helps move oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body and helps muscles store and use oxygen. Symptoms of iron-deficiency include pale skin, fatigue, slowed growth and development, poor appetite, abnormally rapid breathing, behavioral problems, frequent infections and unusual cravings for non-nutritive substances.

Blood, oxygen, sounds very vital to a healthy body, right? So, it’s a must that we ensure, as parents, that our children get the right amount of iron they need for their growth and development. But, aside from supplements, we must also be mindful of their diets. Some iron-rich foods include green leafy vegetables, lean red meat, whole grains, chicken, fish, and eggs.

So, what are you waiting for, mommies? Go check if your child needs more iron!


2 thoughts on “♥ Iron Supplement Your Kids Will Love ♥

    1. Aww. Best to consult your pediatrician or go to the nearest health center. Try giving him more fluids. Milk and water.


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