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Quick and Easy Solutions to Your Toddler’s Messy Hair

Hi, mamas! My last and youngest child is now a seventeen-month toddler. A toddler is one tiny human being who is oozing with awesomeness because he/she cannot talk back clearly just yet. And, all he/she does are cute antics (okay, sometimes he/she also does annoying tantrums) with her infectious smile showing his/her little teeth and MESSY HAIR. Yes, emphasis on MESSY HAIR. Toddlers have the best kind of messy hair especially if they are not yet touched or cut by hairdressers. Ito yung stage na alanganin ang haba ng hair nila and that makes it quite a challenge to fix or style their hair.

Now, I’m not a natural hair stylist even when I was playing with Barbie dolls. I’m also one of the unfortunate souls who cannot follow video tutorials! Huhuhu. But, a mom’s gotta do what she’s gotta do, am I right? So, I made it work somehow with my first daughter until she grew her hair longer for more style options. Below, I’ll share with you my favorite (and, trusted!) go-to hairstyles/hair fix for my adorable toddler.

Look at that one messy hair!

Pig-tail. This is the cutest, simplest and very reliable of all. It surely adds cuteness to every child. Divide her hair in half and use the cutest tiny band you can find to tie each half. I like this because it captures stray hairs which sometimes irritate her eyes. I often use this for informal occasions, pedia visits, and playdates – days which involve activities.


Hair clips on each side. Pig-tails are easy to do but take longer. When the pig-tail wears out, I simply use clips. I choose this style whenever my toddler is wearing dresses, like for church visit.


Statement clip on one side only. For more formal occasions, I choose a statement clip that complements her dress, her face, and her complexion. I like to keep it simple yet leaves a good impression on others. I also choose designs appropriate for her age. Look at the picture below, isn’t she adorable?


Headbands. I also like using headbands especially for days filled with activities. I turn to headbands too for a quick fix after she’s pulled her clips. What I like most about headbands is that all stray hairs are out of her lovely face. However, I avoid using plastic headbands which are hard for their sensitive skin (behind ears). I instead buy ones made from soft materials such as fabrics, lace or garterized.


Messy pony-tail. This is the last one up my sleeve but definitely not the least. By the way, this is the easiest to do but to make the messy pony-tail work, use a statement piece for the hairband, just like the one I used below. If you go for a plain hairband, it’ll lose its magical effect and magiging parang pambahay lang. This is for a quick fix during the day or for those days when you cannot find her clips or she doesn’t want to stay still and be styled.

If I only knew that a camera flash would make her smile!!!

I know, and I admit that I am not a pro but I hope you get some cool ideas, mamas! If you want to share your tips and ideas, just leave your comments below!

P.S. Take care and be prepared for super typhoon Ompong. Pray. Prepare. Be vigilant.

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