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How to Prepare Your Kids for School Exams?

The second quarter exams of my two schoolchildren are finally over. We can now prepare for their sembreak! It’s one of the reasons why I’m MIA the past weeks. That and the deadly quarter work deadlines. This particular quarter was challenging for us. Jonath had a bad cough. I had a bad cough. I was busy in the office. The mister was busy too. And, since our busyness started way before the pointers for exams were given, I was not able to prepare them review materials. So, cram it was!

From that cramming, I learned a few things that might be useful in the next quarter. Here’s how to smartly review your kids for school exams.

Review past lessons regularly. It is more of like a goal of mine, mommies. Hehe. But, I know how reality is. Like me, when I get home, I’m usually almost useless na. Parang laging nasa critical level ang energy ko sa gabi, like 10%. LOL. Pero, pero, pero…. in days when you still have a bit more energy and there are no assignments or other school works, try to muster all those residual strengths of yours and have a quick recap of your child’s past lessons. Maganda sana if it can be done on a daily basis pero pwede na rin ang weekly.

P.S. I know that “residual energy” for our children does not really sound cool, right or fair, but, at least for me, that’s my sad reality at this time. Sana soon, I’ve come up of a way to change how things are at the moment.

Prepare reviewers when you are able. Do not wait for the exam schedules nor for the pointers the teachers will give. Just prepare a reviewer when you are least occupied by other matters. Reviewers really help because it’s a summary of key takeaways from book chapters. This one is on us, mommies. Again, I know we’re busy. I know it’s hard to do but if we really want to help them prepare for their exams, let’s prepare them a well-thought-of reviewers (aka hindi rush!). Hopefully, when they get older, they can do them on their own.

Print worksheets. Ito ang favorite learning ko. Kasi nga, I crammed with coming up with reviewers, so, for other subjects such as English, Mathematics, and Writing, I turned to the Internet and printed some worksheets. I was surprised by how many websites are offering FREE PRINTABLE WORKSHEETS for children of all ages/grades. Some of the helpful sites I found are https://www.education.com/worksheets/ ; https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/ ; https://www.k5learning.com/ ; https://www.scholastic.com/ .

Encourage them to study/review on their own. I leave Jonath with instructions of which pages he should read so that when I get home, I will just ask him some questions. I ask Jonath to study on his own the subjects he likes most, which in his case is Science while I ask Clareth to start practicing how to write letters and numbers.

Split subjects with your partner or helper. Luckily for me, I have a reliable partner who actively co-parents with me. Since we are both busy with work during the kids’ exams, we decided to split the bill, este the subjects. He reviews them for the subjects he’s more into like Science and Math and I took English and Filipino because I know I’m good at them. The rest, we decided by ‘jack en poy’. LOL. Kidding!

You know what I realized? Kakaiba pala ang K-12 curriculum, or K-12 compliant books. Medyo confusing! LOL. For example, when discussing nouns and pronouns, they try to incorporate some good manners. Parang ganun eh. Anyways…

Seriously, the past week was very challenging indeed. In our case, both of us have daytime jobs which render us exhausted at the end of the day (sabayan pa ng traffic!!!). It’s times like these that make me think if it’s all worth it. I’m afraid that one day I’ll just wake up, they’re all grown up and I don’t feel like I did my best (spent my best times with them) during their formative years. What do you think of my mama guilt?

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