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#TravelBliss | Prado Farms: The Perfect Place for a Quick Retreat

If there is one thing in my pre-mamahood life that I terribly miss, it would be my travels, yes, even more than my pre-pregnancy body!

I used to hoard airline tickets on sale, albeit local only. And every time I get stressed out, I would just open my drawer and see all these tickets lined up, then I would feel much better instantly.

Fast forward to three hyper kids, traveling has become impossible. One, I could not spend even one night away from them. Alitaptap, my youngest, still needs me (or my boobs!) to sleep through the night. It is also harder now to score affordable airfares and traveling with three kids is no joke, both physically and financially. I attempted to bring us all (less my youngest, was pregnant then) to Hongkong but I ended up losing money to PAL. I didn’t get my OB’s approval.

My soul still yearns to experience a new place again. I’ve always wanted to get out of the city and discover a new place. I’ve wanted to observe other people’s way of living and learn new things through experience and safe conversations with strangers.

Of course, I wanted a full force travel, like what I had before. But, I realized that a day trip somewhere I’ve never been to before would be just as good for my soul. So, I finally took my rusty restless feet up North.

I tried to do a video of it but realized these things take time which I do not have right now. 🙂 So, bear with me, maybe next time, I’d do better (and shorter!).

If you want to see photos from my recent visit to Prado Farms in Lubao Pampanga, please click the YT vid posted above. I hate to make any comparisons but Prado Farms is like a mini and scaled-down Las Casas to me (mini = walkable).


Prado Farms, a former private resthouse of a prominent family who also owns Silverworks and Ocampo’s Fine Jewelry, has opened its doors to the public.

Nestled in a five-hectare property in Lubao, Pampanga (and along the main road) is an organic farm which has so much more to offer to its guests. Aside from the organic menu which comes from their farm, it also boasts of a chlorine-free swimming pool overlooking a barnyard and the farm. Aside from trees everywhere, it also has customizable rooms and accommodations that are ready to fit guests’ requirements, whether it’s for family, team building or couple’s retreat. It has a big conference room and as well as smaller function areas with complete amenities. There is also a place to warmly and cozily watch stars at night and set-up a bonfire. Inside are small old houses brought and built brick-by-brick from other parts of the Philippines. For weddings, their chapel with a very unique cross and altar and chairs from the old Manila Cathedral are perfect!


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