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Many Merry Gifts for Christmas

Gift-giving is one Christmas tradition everyone seems to look forward to. It doesn’t matter how much one’s budget is, or none at all, we all just like to give or share something with others especially with our loved ones.

There were times during my childhood when my dad was in and out of work. But, despite being dirt-poor, my sisters still managed to wrap something for every member of our family and put them under our tiny and malnourished Christmas tree right before twelve-midnight strikes. Vividly, I remember wrapping almost-new household items so we can pretend we’re opening gifts at midnight. My sisters and I just laughed off our then situation.

Year after year, things have changed, and thank God, it’s for the better. We can now afford to be as generous as we would want to be. My first Christmas presents from my sisters when they started to earn money were gold earrings, original Barbie Doll and a branded bag.

All these experiences have turned me into a generous giver every Christmas and allow me to share with you my gift ideas for this year.

key chains personalized

Personalized leather key chains. I do love personalized items! I feel like it’s more thoughtful. These are my kids’ giveaways to their ninongs and ninangs.

happy skin ph

Happy Skin’s Lip and Cheek Tints are perfect for teenagers! They are at the age when they are starting to get concerned about their looks. Also, they could use them for their upcoming parties or proms.

goody goodies

Giving GOODY goodies is I think a good idea because not everyone is willing to splurge with hair combs and hairbrushes, diba? Good hair products and accessories are part of hair care, but still, not many would buy expensive combs/brushes for themselves. So, gift them.

bench slippers

I also like giving people slippper. Korina Sanchez lang ang peg? Haha. It is because I think that most neglect replacing their old pambahay or pambanyo slippers.


Gadget accessories (holders, earphones, Bluetooth speakers) are I think would be appreciated by people who use a gadget, and who doesn’t use one, right?

DIY spoon fork

For office giveaways, I myself engraved my colleagues’ names on spoon and fork. I had an engraving tool for years and I’ve finally put it to good use this year. My officemates were so glad.


I hope you’re done with your Christmas shopping and avoid the stressful rush of the season. You can apply these ideas for next year. Also, remember that you can always give the gift of love, prayer and time!

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