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Review: Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

On Fridays like this, you’d be able to see a more personal note from me. I plan to publish on my blog my thoughts (probably random but hopefully inspirational), advocacies, experiences, and everything else not about motherhood and money.

This Friday, I was supposed to publish my “Best of 2018” but I decided to delay it until next Friday because I found a better topic to share with you – a new Netflix show/series I am currently binging on. Actually, Netflix made it to my list of 2018’s Best. However, I want to focus on a particular show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.


Marie Kondo is a world-renowned Japanese organizing consultant and author who successfully founded a lifestyle brand called KonMari Method, inspiring people to find and choose joy while tidying up.

I’ve been working on converting my lifestyle into a blissful minimalist. So, imagine my excitement when I saw Marie Kondo’s new show on Netflix! I knew it would motivate me to push further my conversion. I used to watch Style Network’s Clean House with Niecy Nash and Stacey Crew. I loved it! And, I missed it! So, I really got excited with Tidying Up with MK and finished season one in less than a week. Here’s what I think of the show:

First of all, the show is timely and relevant. We live in a material world during the most materialistic times. Consumerism not only drives our economy but also our society. It’s never been so easy to buy and even hoard anything we can think of, from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day. It’s no surprise that our homes and lives easily get cluttered and spaceless with everything we buy and accumulate. We’ve equated happiness, success, and status with how much we own and possess, not considering if we need them or not.

Now, the hard part. I feel bad for letting this out but no easier way, I guess – after a few episodes, I got a bit bored. Maybe it’s because I set my expectations too high. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not a bad show. But, it isn’t that good/special either, well, for me. I struggled in paying attention and in staying up at night watching it. I think the show needs to make Marie’s presence and wisdom more obvious. So far, I have not seen anything that sparks my excitement and interest to giddily wait for the next season. The show can let Marie suggest more practical solutions instead of just repeatedly teaching guests about the process of tidying up (clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous and sentimental items). In the show, after Marie teaches them the process, she’ll leave them on their own and just return after a few days when everything’s (well, unbelievably) done right. The show can focus on hows instead of whats. I want to hear Marie’s recommendations tailored to the guests’ different situations and perspectives. I want to see her in challenging messes and clutter.

In hindsight, I’m looking for more of MK’s personal touch and insights especially in extreme clutter. I‘m looking for something that would make me glued to it. I’m looking for value for gigabytes. I’m looking not for ideas but for practical solutions. As a working mom, I’m looking for more doable tidying up. I’m hoping to relate better.

Not everything is bad about Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. As a matter of fact, it sparkles people’s interest to live meaningfully with lesser stuff. It reminds me how beautiful it is to live in a tidy space. It reminds me too that I do not need many material possessions. It teaches me that clutter blocks productivity and happiness. Most importantly, it teaches me that I have the power to control what I should let stay in my life and in my home, and whatever they are, they should spark joy. Marie’s cuteness and positive aura are bonuses from the show.

I love it that this show aims to inspire people to tidy up. KonMari Method is a tested and highly-recommended method. But, to be honest, Japanese minimalism is ibang level! I doubt if it could be applied to the rest of the world, given the geographical, religious and cultural differences, not to mention people’s unique personalities and of course, needs and wants. Personally, I am a semi Konvert. I even tried Konmarying my children’s drawers. However, I could not do it in one-time-big-time like Marie always recommends. There are still a lot of Konmari principles worth noting, though. Between Clean House, where they used to hold garage sales over the family’s excesses and match the proceeds to buy or build something really nice and needed in the home while teaching everyone how to organise things, and Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, I’d still choose the concept of Clean House! Nonetheless, I’m happy tidying up!

P.S. Clean House’ organizing guru, Stacey Crew, is I think one of the best in organizing mess and clutter. I wanted to be like her, making a living out of organizing people’s homes! Organized homes lead to an organized life! She used to maintain a website, however, I think she took it down already and focused on wellness instead. Up until this day, I live by her GOPACK method (Group objects. Purge. Assign a home/space for each item. Contain them and don’t forget to put labels. Keep it clean and organized.) I really think she’s one of the best and I bet the industry misses her as much as I do.

P.S.2. Here is something I found on the internet about Stacey Crew’s GOPACK method. And, here’s a collection of hilarious reactions in twitter about Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix.

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