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A Mama’s Beauty Arsenal

The holiday season is the perfect time to put on some make-up! After all, dinners, lunches, and parties seem to not end during the month of December! To look better in photos (which you will most likely be tagged in social media) and to hide your paleness, haggardness, and stress, putting on some makeup products on your face could be a great help or lift.

Allow me to share with you my trusted “beauty arsenal” at the moment and the discoveries and leaning I had as I started using them more often just this year. But, let me clarify first that I am not a makeup guru. I just love to share the products which work great on me and a few tips I could share on makeup application, albeit not on a pro-category.

3ce primer.jpg

The wonder primer, the 3CE Stylenanda Back to Baby Pore Velvet Primer. I love how velvety this primer leaves my skin after application. It does not dry up my skin. It does not make it oily either. It makes for a perfect base and gives a powder-fresh effect. I could leave the house with only this applied on my face and be confident that I won’t need to freshen up the whole day. If this has an at least SPF35, it could be perfect already. It’s in a small tube, so I use sparingly. But, a little goes a long way naman.

Product: 3CE Stylenanda Back to Baby Pore Velvet Primer, available on Sephora, P800.00.


I finally found the perfect foundation for my skin, the Naturactor, a famous Japanese brand. I tried a lot of foundation already (creams, liquid, mineral, etc.) but so far this is the only one which does not leave a caky texture on my face. The oil it produces is very minimal and tolerable. Most of the days, no need to retouch na rin ako ng foundation or ng powder. Oil blotter lang, okay na. As a matter of fact, I don’t bring it every day, I only apply this in the morning and it could last the whole day na. The shades easily blend on my skin too. What I love most about Naturactor is how it leaves my face with a complete, almost flawless look in the most natural way.

Product: Naturactor Powder/Foundation, available on Beauty Manila and Zalora, P700.00.

lip products.jpg

My lip essentials. I tried to find out which make-up product I need the most by figuring out which product lifts up my look instantly. Yung, kahit yun lang ang nilagay mo, parang complete look ka na, parang may nag-iba na sa ayos mo, yung may dating na agad. I tried eyelash curler, mascara, then blush on, then lipstick. I realized that made-up lips just changes and improves my overall look. I also found out that for perfect made-up lips, I need two to four products (on regular days, two to three, on special occasions, three to four). First, I apply lip moisturizer. Parang primer! I use either Lucas Papaw or Ilog Maria’s Honey Beeswax Lip Balm. I let it settle first before I apply Human Heart’s Nature Lip Tint. It adds extra moisture, natural lip color, and suppleness. After it is absorbed, I put on some lipstick or lip mouse to my liking. I usually use Clinique, Mac and Happy Skin. On special occasions, and I want to add lush, I add another lip color on top. Just make sure you wait out a few minutes before adding the second layer. My second layer is usually in the nude family.

Products: Lucas Papaw, available at Watson’s, P600.00; Human Heart Nature Lip Tint, available on their website, P100.00; Mac Lipstick, available at malls, Duty Free, P1,000.00 to P2,500.00.

clinique pallette.jpg

The low-maintenance and minimalist me absolutely loves this compact, useful and beautiful make-up palette from Clinique. Another thing I love about palettes is that I need not worry with which matches what. It’s so ready to use and so easy to squeeze in your bag. Aside from the foundation, I use everything in this palette. And, I love it. If you’re not a make-up adventurist or guru, palettes will save you from unnecessary stress, expenses or embarrassment from make-up mishaps.

Product: Clinique Make-up Palette, available at Duty Free, P3,500.00

What I learned about make-up application.

  1. Be patient. Wait out a few minutes every after application. Let your skin absorb the product and let the product settle down.
  2. Use a lip brush. I realized that by using a lip brush, my lip color application is more even and spotless.
  3. Good moisturized and healthy skin is the key for a perfect made-up one.
  4. There is a reason why some products are more expensive. This is not to say na lahat ng mura, panget. But, there must be a reason for the difference. So, if it’s worth your money, okay lang to buy kahit mahal.
  5. Eat healthily. Drink plenty of fluids. Keep your face clean, especially before you sleep. Take a restful rest (10PM to 3AM is the holy hour for your skin cell regeneration).

Writing this post, I left amazed by how much the products I use changed through the years. I’m happy with the evolution, nonetheless. Ending this by posting a few photos of mine (please forgive me!), one being my participatory photo for the #HowHardDidAgingHitYou


50231567_10215237579586386_7512607917711818752_n (1)

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