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What I Will be Seeking First this 2019

If you’ve been following my blog long enough, you’d know that I always have done some sort of a recap of the past year and set new goals or plans for the new one. By now, you might have noticed that it’s missing. I did not look back on the year that was because I feel like I’m accomplishing nothing. I did not make goals anymore because I feel like I always fail. Sabi nga nila, when you declare something in public, two things may happen. One, the universe may conspire in your favor or two, people may envy you, doubt you and mock you even that their negativity may resonate into your plans.

I don’t think anyone might envy me, to be honest. Feeling ko lang talaga na once I declare it, parang mas hindi nangyayari. Then yung mga silent goals ko, mas natutupad ko. But, today, I decided to review 2018 again and I realized that it was not such a bad year, after all. And, for 2019, I hope I’m not too late to rebuild my plans and write down my goals. Here we go. Let’s start with, The Best of 2018!

(In no particular order)

Netflix! Haha. Yes, I’m part of the #StreamTeam. No more downloading. No more collections. Just watch, appreciate, be entertained, learn and enjoy. The shows I watched over Netflix vary. And, I love having so many titles to choose from! Although sometimes, ang hirap pumili. But, I just watch whatever I want to watch. I’ve watched mostly documentaries, Netflix originals and old films which I love dearly.

The BIG SALE in the STOCK MARKET. Actually, nanghihinayang pa nga ako at hindi ako nag-all-out! Why? Look at the stock market now! It’s bouncing back in full bull force. Sayang! But, greed is something all should look out for when it comes to the stock market. So, okay na rin. Happy investor, here.

Car. I used to commute a lot. And, I still do sometimes. It’s sad that GRAB is so expensive, it becomes even harder to hail a taxi and the trains are as jam-packed as ever. I’m so glad we got a new car to use during coding and long out of town drives. (Yun lang, the parking area near our residence closed, with a very late notice! Please pray we find a new parking slot!)

Speaking of long out of town drives. I’ve been to new places last year – Pico de Loro, Canyon Cove, and Prado Farms. My goal this year is to take good pictures and videos from the places where I go so I can share them all with you, here on the blog.

And, speaking of new, I just realized that a new property came early than I had planned (2020). Iba talaga si Lord, the best ang plans nya! It’s not something grand. It was just offered to the mister and he believed it was a good one. I was hesitant at first because I was looking at a different property but when he said it was his childhood dream to live in that cold city one day, I gave in. Who am I to hinder and not support my husband’s dream, right?

Reunions. I was able to meet a few of my very special friends from abroad. It’s amazing to think that no amount of time nor distance changed the way we think and feel about each other. We may not talk with one another every day, but we still value each other in our hearts. Cha, Vin, Ji, thank you and I miss you all!

I’m still a breastfeeding mama. For my bunso, I decided to wait until she’s ready, meaning until she doesn’t like my boobs anymore. Hehe

I’m almost out of debts. The housing loan na lang which will be paid-off fully (God-willing), this year! I can’t wait because once the first housing loan ends, I’ll be eligible for another one! Haha. Another utang, yes, but a necessary and a no-waste one.

My sponsored child through World Vision. Whenever I receive letters or updates about my sponsored child, my heart just melts with gladness. There is an indescribable warmth felt by the heart knowing you’re somehow making a difference to someone else’s life.



For 2019, I plan to focus on career matters. I want to prepare for a fallback. I want to add money to my trading funds. I want to finish our first housing loan and start preparing for a new one! Also, our starter-home needs some improvements and renovations. I want to visit at least four new places this year. I want to direct myself more towards bliss, light, and beautiful and organized things. Still, I want to finish reading and understanding the Bible. Last but not the least, I want to blog more meaningfully as per schedule.


This year, I don’t have a power word or encouraging hashtag. I only have a power verse – Matthew 6:33.

“Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.”


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