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When Things are Not Blissful

Who is excited for the Chinese New Year? I am!!! I am usually not but this year, I cannot wait for the year of the pig to arrive. It’s because my January 2019 has not been good. We lost our parking slot. Our TV and aircon unit got broken just weeks apart. My kids got sick. Lastly, last na ‘to, please, the mister and I had upset stomachs. While I am grateful that all these are nothing compared to other tragedies. I admit that my faith and sanity was shaken a bit only because I’m not used to a series of unfortunate events. Others would say that affirmation of the not-so-good things happening around you will only make matters worse, meaning, it will attract more negativity. For me, however, acknowledging these not-so-good events gives me power over the situations including my own emotions.

I want to end our January misery, so I am eagerly looking forward to Chinese New Year. On a brighter note, the past events made me seek God in the way that I don’t seek him when things are going smoothly. It made me trust Him completely this time as I’m left vulnerable. I’m sure that the reason why I’m still here, breathing and smiling, is because God is sustaining me. He’s the source of my strength and hope. Last night, I prayed that right at that moment God puts a period to our troublesome January. So, today I woke up feeling better and anxiously enthusiastic to what the future holds. I know His perfect plans shall prevail.

As I was saying, last night, I sought God amid all my troubles. I cried to Him like a lost child and told Him all my angst like a rebellious teenager and all my worries like a parent not knowing what to do to provide and protect her children. I also told him what I want to happen if I have it my way and what I plan or hope to do. I caught myself seeking guidance from Him. I have not done that in years. And, no, I did not receive a miracle answer, but I experienced a spiritual pat on the back and I had this realization just like in the poem Footprints in the Sand – I felt lighter as I got aware of how God carries me this whole nerve-racking month with all my baggage!

I decided to share with you this classic and timeless masterpiece, Footprints in the Sand by who knows who. There is a three-way court battle for its ownership. Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful reminder of how much God loves His children that He willingly carries us in times when we find it hard to run, walk or stand and continue with our journey.


I am tired but I have a God who does not get tired of carrying me, especially during rough times. Still, blessed to be stressed. Thank you, Lord! As for me, I’ll take this opportunity of feeling unblissful to master recognition of what sparks bliss in me and learn to appreciate them better.

Ang serious ba? Haha. I’ll make a lighter post next time. 🙂

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