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#TummyBliss The Boiling Crabs and Shrimps Plus Le Sucre Lab Dreamcakes: Gastronomic Adventures

Today is the most-awaited Friday and no motherhood or money post from me. I’m not surprised to find it difficult not to talk about these two topics in which my world seems to revolve around. But, I also quickly realized how necessary and healthy this day is for me as I am forced to refocus my thoughts to other facets of my life.

For Friday Bliss, I want to relive some of my most memorable purchases and experiences at the start of this year:

My love never fails in giving me flowers every Valentine’s Day since 2008 (except in 2010 when he was abroad). So, this is my 11th Valentine flower from him. But, we’re not the type of couple who’d date on this day. First, the restaurants are jampacked and I dislike crowded places, so you’ll need to reserve if you don’t want your night to be ruined by your hungriness. Secondly, it’s traffic and traffic could ruin just about anything! Thirdly, we find it awkward being surrounded by sweet couples. Fourth, it’s costlier to dine on the 14th. And, lastly, 14th is my deadline as an accountant (of financial reports). So, I’m typically busy, exhausted and ugly during this time.


Ang haba ng intro ko, haha. This Valentine, however, my loves decided to take me out, not on dinner but on a lunch date, in a place where we’ve been planning to go to for quite a while but seems to be elusive for us (three canceled/passed opportunities). We had lunch at The Seascape Village in Macapagal. The place is nicer and cleaner compared to the traditional Dampa in Macapagal which is just a few kilometers away. I also bet that prices may be a bit higher at Seascape that’s why there is less crowd here, and I love uncrowded places. When you park your car, don’t be surprised or discouraged by the P300.00 parking fee, just make sure you eat there and have your parking slip validated for a discounted parking fee.


We were there for a quick lunch so we didn’t go to the paluto restaurants and just went straight to The Boiling Crabs and Shrimps. We ordered one of their packages and I admit that I was namahalan at first. The poorita in me, really! Actually, it’s because I buy crabs from a colleague for only P400.00 per kilo. Anyways, my loves reminded me that we were there to celebrate an occasion, so I need to relax and just enjoy the moment. And so I did.


The food we ordered included one but good-for-two crab, a salad made of shrimp and grapefruit, pork riblets, and tons of minced fried garlic! If at first, I thought it better be good for its price. Well, it was delicious, and we were gastronomically delighted. The food was so good, and it was more than enough for the two of us, so we left there really full. I never realized that minced fried garlic could entice my appetite. Plus, the salad was so nice. Sarap ng blend ng lasa! The pork riblets were also good and malaman kahit mukhang hindi. The crew assigned to our table was helpful as well and since that was our first time to dine in there, there was no awkward moment with him. Also, the place had a laid-back ambiance, made me forget about my office woes and the music inside was just right. It was not too loud and not too dreamy. If you watched Sex and the City’s last scene – reception of Carrie and Mr. Big’s wedding, that is how I felt when we were there with my own Mr. Big. By the way, our meal cost us around P2,200.00 pesos plus tip.

Days after, I decided to surprise my family with Le Sucre Lab Dreamcakes. Okay, guys, aaminin ko, I admit that I was swayed by the social media posts about these so-called must-try dreamcakes. Well, actually matagal ko na pala sya nakikita sa feed ko but when a friend who I personally look up to for her good taste posted about them, I decided to finally give them a taste. And, take note, I tried ALL the three top flavors, once and for all. Through Lalamove delivery service, I bought Le Sucre Lab’s all-time favorite chocolate, the popular strawberry, and the newest mango dreamcakes. Oo guys, sabay-sabay na! Because of the strawberry na talaga daw pinipilahan, I had to pay additional to the Lalamove driver.


Anyway, they were all delicious. The kids, however, didn’t eat much. Hindi kasi talaga sila mahilig sa malambot or malabsa, my kids ha. My niece ate half the chocolate. The adults liked the strawberry. Personally, I liked all three and I could finish any of them in one sitting simply because I’m a dessert-lover. But, being a dessert-lover, I also didn’t find anything extraordinary or something unique about their dreamcakes. They are definitely delectable pero ayun nga, not something I would go crazy about. That is only my personal opinion, guys. It’s worth a try though and taste them for yourself!

I thought I could tell you pa more about our Canyon Cove, Sofitel, and Las Casas experiences, but, I guess this post about #TummyBliss is already too long. So, next time na lang ulit. Have a blissful weekend!

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