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Best Money Decisions in My Twenties

34 years of being alive!!! That’s 408 months or 1,768 weeks and more or less 12,418 days!!! LET THAT SINK IN, dear self!!! We do live every moment, but we get to die just once. Life is surely fleeting. Dying is certain but living (fully), isn’t. It’s not my birthday but I’m a bit blue in the past days. Maybe due to stress or maybe because I feel sick. I had to remind myself that I’m already thirty-four and so I shouldn’t be eating the way I used to eat in my twenties nor should I be indulging a sedentary life.

I’m not so afraid of getting old, to be honest. I think I’m aging okay. I’m actually excited to retire. Haha. But, I also don’t like being reminded of my age. What an irony, I know! I don’t know why but I just feel a little old, outdated and odd being thirty-four. In six years, forty na ako. I just can’t believe it nor imagine it. But, now, I suddenly realized that the more I age, the more I should remind myself of how old I am because that’s basically how long I’m letting life pass by me. I kind of want to make a timeline of my life goals based on my age. There is no use of me lingering in the past of what ifs and should have been. I have NOW to live to the bits.

Anyways, I know that it’s a Money Wednesday and as I type this, I’m thinking of what to share with you. If you’ve been following this blog, you’d know I often write about the money mistakes I made in the past. Well, not everything I’ve done was a mistake and certainly, not all were failures. There are small victories too. So, here are the few of my humble money triumphs, guys.


Getting a starter home on my own. Seeing a property title with my maiden name on it makes me feel good of the “original” person that I was. It somehow, for me, proves that I am already complete or contented even before I got married. Everything and everyone else after is blissful addition and blessing.

Not spending everything we had for the wedding. I’ll probably the thriftiest bride you’ll ever come to know. My only priorities then were for our wedding guests to have a good time and eat delicious food. It was my/our wedding, but we were doing it not solely for ourselves. We could have settled for a more intimate and more casual one. I wanted a backyard wedding, by the way. The wedding was more of a celebration with our well-wishers. But, nothing wrong with giving your all for your wedding, if that makes you happy. It’s just that in my case, I was not so happy seeing depleting savings. Hehe. For us, it was a smart decision. We were able to travel after we got married and we had money to start our lives together, no debts!

Saving and investing in my twenties (although I think late na nga ako). I jumped into the stock market, retail treasury bills and bonds, UITFs, mutual funds, and even crowdsourcing. No matter how small the amount and no matter how many times I failed in my investments, nothing was ever wasted because I learned from all of my experiences with saving, investing, losing, saving again, investing again and losing again until I made it to earning passively. Saving and investing early gives you more time to make and correct mistakes. The earlier you correct your mistakes, the more time for you to earn.

Loving and nurturing my craft. If you’d ask the college student me, I was studying Accounting because my family told me so and I have no idea what career path I’ll be pursuing.  Years after, I’ve learned to love my craft, with all its pain and glory. Corny man, but I do love my profession and I value it by ensuring I practice it with the utmost integrity and due diligence. My profession, my career, albeit not a bed of roses, has propelled my life into great heights not only financially but in every aspect of my life.

Sponsoring a child’s nutrition, survival or education. I own nothing. All I have are blessings from the Lord. And, I believe He wants me to share it with others too so that His blessings will just continue to pour until it overflows and touches everybody’s life. I am always adamant sharing my sponsorship because I know and I believe that no one should know what your right hand is doing. However, I just want to raise awareness that there’s a way for us to help the less fortunate children, in our own humble ways. Yes, kahit tayong mga working-class of the society.

I sounded so serious above. Haha. I also have simple money realizations for the more trivial stuff like clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, make-up, and skin care. But, next time na. When you reminisce and look back at your past, I think it’s healthy too to remember not only the times you failed and learned but also the times you succeeded. Give yourself some credit and a pat on the back. Treat yourself with some ice cream! Or whatever makes you and your pockets, happy!

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