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Capsule Wardrobe Goals | Personal Style Discovery

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Vlogs on YouTube and Pinterest are keeping me up all night. I am currently drawn into capsule wardrobes, basic, classic, essential and timeless pieces of clothing. For the first time in my thirty-four years, I think I’m ready to dramatically curve my shopping habits for clothes, especially online.

Along with the learning of the basics on how to build a capsule wardrobe, I surprisingly discovered a lot of things about me, my style and my personality. Self-discovery is always a good thing, right?

Here is how I started creating my very own capsule wardrobe and my “accidental” discoveries about myself: (Yeah, I know, this might disinterest you and I understand if you don’t read further, but, I’d just like to document this bold “closet journey” I’m embarking on and I also want to share with you what might you get should you choose to try this process too)

I applied the Konmari method. I took everything out in my closet (one closet at a time, though) and started sorting. I created four piles – one for the clothes I AM WILLING TO WEAR EVERYDAY, the second for SEASONAL CLOTHES like parka jackets I’ll only wear on rainy season and closed necks which I can only wear in colder months, the third pile is for the REVIEW LATER which includes clothes which I really love but I need to fit again before making a decision and; the fourth is for TOSSING or DONATION.


I discovered that:
I have clothes which I really like but don’t fit me or don’t compliment my body type. So sad.
I have clothes I haven’t worn in years.
I have clothes I haven’t worn since I purchased them.
I have over a dozen of little black dress (office uniform at one time).
I have over a dozen of event shirts.
I love ruffles and embroideries.
My tops tend to be on the polyblends because I don’t like ironing clothes.
My color palette right now is made of white, navy, black and salmon pale pink.
I lack nicely-fitted jeans.
My bottoms tend to be made of natural fibers which is a good thing, right?
I need good blazers.
I need a good quality white buttoned-down shirt.
I need good jeans.
I need denim short.

This first step has taught me to be more conscious of buying more clothes. I don’t need to buy more of just anything I find nice or cute. I need to buy pieces that are timeless, good quality and can be paired with the rest of my clothes, those that will complete or alter my basics. I now read the labels and carefully choose fabrics, structure, details like buttons and tailoring. It was a fun and liberating activity. I may not be able to achieve the M.Zuckerberg-level (gray shirt every day, all day, all the way!) but I’m looking forward to creating a functional and sufficient but minimal wardrobe. I feel like if I could be successful in transforming my wardrobe then I can do the same for the rest of my life.

Okay, let’s not get carried away. I wrote a list of things to buy to complete my capsule wardrobe for my office work five days a week in each season (summer, rainy and holidays). I am in no rush. I’m still enjoying the sight of a few pieces of clothes hanging in my closet.

I have a few concerns, though. One is I want to stick with natural fibers but I’m bad in taking care of my garments. I hate handwashing. As a matter of fact, I don’t do the laundry, not my thing. And, I don’t think I want to do it for the sake of minimalism. My other and even greater concern is that I live in a tropical country where it’s always hot, whether it’s a rainy season, summer or holidays. And, I can’t find boards, pegs, and inspirations online for my living condition. When you search tropical, the Internet will give you images of shorts and floral shirts, tank tops and flipflops. I may be living near the equator but it ain’t summer every day, you know. In relation to that, being in a hot country like ours, repeating clothes is an impossibility. Hehe. So, I either stock on clothes or I wash them more often.

The challenge begins here, really. I am not a fashion blogger and will never be one. However, I’m dreaming of becoming the first vlogger who tackles minimalism and capsule wardrobe in a tropical location. But, I’m no photogenic. I’m not telegenic too. And, my voice sucks! Haha. Goodbye, vlogging dreams! Kidding aside, if you know vloggers or websites who could help me how to proceed with my capsule wardrobing, please share the link/s through the comment section below. Thank you!

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