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Money Tips in Building a Capsule Wardrobe

As you may have read on my previous post, I am in the process of curating my personal capsule wardrobe. At this moment, I’m still in that “exhilarating” stage. I’ve scaled down the number of clothes in my closet. It’s probably the smallest size I had ever since I started earning my own money. So far, so good. I feel lighter and more confident in my own style.

Like what others who’ve done capsule wardrobes said, you will see gaps in your wardrobe at the start of the process. I have identified the so-called gaps or missing pieces in mine. And, while I cannot fill in the blanks all at the same time because one, I don’t have a big budget for clothes and two; it’s not a smart move to impulsively buy clothes right after purging the old ones you had. What I did is I made a shortlist out of my identified gaps to be considered as my top priority pieces. This priority list includes white buttoned-down shirt, blazers, camisole and scarves among others. I was able to get all these without breaking the bank!

When you are done identifying the gaps in your capsule wardrobe, decide what pieces are your priorities. With a priority list at your hand, start trying to get these pieces without (much) spending. Without further ado, here are my completing your capsule wardrobe money tips:

Don’t buy just yet. The first thing you should look into is your closet (a second or third good look, dig deeper and harder) or your house’s storage areas. Look first into your grandparent’s, parents’ or sisters’/brothers’/friends’ closets or tucked away clothes, with their permission of course. With friends, it’s would be nice to bond over clothes swapping sesh. By doing this, I was able to get a plaid structured blazer from my sister which fit me perfectly and a boyfriend-style white-buttoned down shirt made of 100% cotton from my husband’s. The shirt is proudly made in the Philippines too! I have worn it and it was a perfect loose white shirt for me.

If you have sewing skills, you can check YouTube tutorials on how to bring new life to old clothes. I promise you they are awesome! It’s just so sad that don’t have that skill. However, if you know a good tailor, you can always bring him/her that your old clothing for repair or retrofitting. I am looking for a tailor who can turn all my round neck tees into v-necks.

When you’re sure you can’t find it anywhere in your house, try thrift stores or second-hand stores. This is especially useful when you are unsure of what you like to buy or you like to try something to incorporate in your wardrobe but you don’t want to splurge just yet. Like for a blazer, do you like the solid tones or plaid ones? Do you like the waist-length or hip-length? Do you like them padded or hanged over your body? Before you invest in anything, you may try this option first. I bought a floral coat/blazer in a second-hand store since I’m not certain if I could rock it.

If buying second-hand items is not your cup of tea or you can’t find your priority item in these stores, you may now consider buying brand-new and here are a few of my money tips for buying brand-new clothes for your capsule wardrobe:

Buy off-season. I never buy full-priced clothes. I always, always wait for markdowns. The truth is even with markdowns, I’m quite sure that these labels and brands still earn huge profit.

Before buying anything, you may want to make a canvass first in the market, so you’ll have an idea of what exactly you are looking for and how much are you willing to spend for it. Online shops are useful for this purpose. Also, consult Pinterest for the look to aim for.

Me canvassing online

Buy the highest quality you can afford. No explanations needed.

Try to calculate the cost per wear. Say, am item cost P2000.00. How many times do you think you will wear it? P2000.00/ 12x (wearing it monthly) gives you P166.67 cost per wear.

Pay attention to details – fabric (natural fibers are generally better than synthetic ones and are more sustainable), tailoring and fit. These details are what you are paying for. These are where your money should go or be invested. These will determine how long you’ll be able to wear a clothing.

If you can, stay away from too much trend and choose pieces that may be in trend at the moment but never really get out of style. Here’s what I think, eyelets, ruffles and laces always come back in style while peplum, cold-shoulders and prints do not, if they do, not anytime soon. For me, they are too trendy.

I’m really enjoying this mini closet journey. For a starter, it’s refreshing to see every piece of clothing that I have and it’s very calming for me to not wake up and wonder what to wear, or worse, not having anything to wear despite a full closet.


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