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#BlissfulKids | Art in Island Day

I took an almost three-month hiatus. To be honest, I wasn’t so busy with work. I just felt like I needed a little time for myself, off from social media, for my own well-being and mental health. I wasn’t active in FB or IG too. I missed writing, though. And, like always, writing or this blog, in particular, is one thing I repeatedly go back to no matter what.

While I took a break from blogging, mommy duties keep on rolling. Here, I’ll share you snippets of my kids’ fun times at Art in Island in Cubao, Quezon City. Enjoy!

That unfiltered and unscripted reaction was priceless.
I love that wall painting on my house!
Free money!!!
Aww. My love for cats was revived.
Cuteness overload!
Merry Christmas, Santa! Love, AguimazingKids
My brave little boy!
Cuties in a bottle.
It drizzled as we got out.
These two enjoyed the day.

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