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Capsule Wardrobe | Easy Ways to Transform Your Basics

Before my break from blogging, I was into Capsule Wardrobe and up until this point, I’m still very much at it and I honestly think I’ve reached over 90% of my target or ideal wardrobe. With the help of YourCloset, I can easily track down my progress and take a good look at my entire wardrobe with my phone! All about this amazing app on my next post.

I have about 50 pieces on my year-round capsule–the pieces which are in heavy rotation, bottoms, tops, and outerwear. Fifty pieces may sound big for some minimalists, but I considered here my laundry time and garment care because I only do the laundry once a week and I don’t repeat my tops and while I do repeat my bottoms and outerwear, not as much as others do, especially in the other parts of the world: non-tropical countries. I have about 20 pairs of shoes which I still plan to trim down after I decided on my style and comfort when it comes to shoes. I also have about 50 pieces on seasonal items–5 for rainy days, 11 for holidays, 10 for occasions and 24 for summer. I need to slash the numbers on my summer wardrobe into at least half. I still have 30 items that are under observation.

What I absolutely love about having my Capsule Wardrobe is that I can now wear anything in my closet and feel good about myself. No single item I don’t like! It’s now easier, effortless and faster to dress-up without sacrificing the way I look or feel. That is literally magic for me as I used to be the kind of person who has so many clothes in her closet and still has nothing to wear every freaking morning.

Capsule Wardrobe has enabled me to dress comfortably and appropriately too. I now find it easy peasy to change my looks from a corporate one to an evening date, to a weekend mode. With my basics (the 50-piece-year-round-capsule), I can easily transform the looks and vibes of my basic outfit by changing only these three key items! See my experiment below.


OUTERWEAR. A blazer can instantly make my basics appropriate for the office. Adding a black blazer is a fail-proof office look. A leather jacket or a delicate kimono can get you through a dinner date. And, a parka or a denim jacket can finish your weekender look.

THE POWER OF SHOES. I was never a shoe-person until I did my Capsule Wardrobe. I am amazed by how a pair of shoes can change the direction of your basic outfit. So, by just changing the shoes, your basics can go to the Board Room, to a fine-dining restaurant, to the park nearby.

ACCESSORIES. Changing, removing or adding accessories is another well-known means of transforming your look. I personally like to be mindful of my jewelry, making sure I wear them appropriately. In particular, I like giving second thoughts to the necklace and earrings that I wear. Delicate pieces for an office look. Bolder ones like hoop earrings for dinners and statement pieces for weekends and other laid-back activities. By the way, I find pearls the ultimate versatile pieces. I love playing with my pearls–wearing them as pendants sometimes, as drops on my ears, as an accessory to my diamond studs or on their own.

Of course, you can always change your make-up look or your hair or even your bag depending on where you are heading but you have to exert some effort. While a quick change in outerwear, shoes and accessories takes no time and really effortless. I can’t tell you enough how much I love my new-found formula when it comes to maintaining my closet, image, time and money!


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