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#MoneyBliss | “Premyo Bonds” of Bureau of the Treasury Available Until December 13

My favorite season is finally here. The season of (heightened) shopping, gifting, feasting, partying and of course giving and sharing has officially begun. With the left and right spending, let us not forget to save and invest a portion of our bonuses or Holiday money. Aside from the traditional options I have already blogged about in previous years, here is a new short-term investment opportunity with a chance to win cash and non-cash prizes.

The Bureau of the Treasury of the Philippines recently launched “Premyo Bonds”. The Philippine government issued at least P3-billion Premyo Bonds in a bid to raise funds for housing, education, healthcare and social services. What’s in it for the investors? Well, Premyo Bonds is very much affordable with only P500.00 as the minimum amount of investment. The holding period is for one year only and the pay-out of interests is on a quarterly basis. On top of all these awesome features, bondholders will also get a chance to win up to P1million via raffle draw every quarter and other cash and non-cash prizes.

Premyo Bonds, being government-issued bonds are essentially risk-free and joining is simple too. Every P500.00 investment is equivalent to one Bond Unit, which will serve as one raffle entry in the quarterly draw. The bond unit is valid until the final draw date, meaning it does not expire after each quarterly raffle draw. Awesome! Hurry up since issuance has already started last November 25 and will only be until December 13. Issue date is on December 18.

Most banks are selling agents, however, from what I heard from the grapevine, not all branches are aware or participating in this. I am sure of one thing though, Landbank and DBP know it best since they are government depository banks. As a matter of fact, I participated via online using my Landbank account and it was easy peasy. For more information, you may visit the Bureau of the Treasury’s website or go straight to these links:

FAQs over-the-counter participation, FAQs online participation, Official Press Release, Final Notice of Offering

Here is to share how I did join via online using my Landbank account:

At the BTTR website, you can use their Premyo Bonds Returns Calculator to compute your prospective returns
It will show you too a comparison with Time Deposits with prevailing market rates
Here are the easy steps when you decide to invest online. Every quarter until the investment matures, the interest will be credited to your account. Once Premyo Bonds reaches maturity, the principal and last interest payment will be credited to your bank account.


Here are other points of consideration when investing in government bonds.
Here is the online form. After filling this out completely and correctly, you will be directed to the payment/settlement page of Landbank where you will key-in you ATM passcode and OTP (one-time-pin).

What are you guys waiting for? Invest na for as low as P500.00 and get a chance to win other prizes! It just worth three to five cups of coffee, one whole cake packed with sugar, or a meal at your favorite restaurant.

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