Random & Personal

Dear 2020, our God is bigger than you!

Just like that (*snap), two months of 2020 ended
Some wounds have not yet mended
This new decade seems to be not yet done
In cascading troubles for everyone

Taal spewed ashes into the air
Kobe’s helicopter crashed in the land
Coronavirus scare reached the seas
Wildfire hit the forests down under

There was the shock of Megxit
Even more controversial than the Brexit
Brad and Jen shook the Internet
Gave hope to everyone I bet

My mom got sick
So sick I can’t speak
Mild heart attack the doctor said
But until now, she’s still in bed

We have new auditors
Well, that’s what they asked for
But, not me or at least not now
When books are meant to be closed down

2020, a new year, a new decade
I can’t believe how cruel you can be
But, you know what
We’re still here and will always be
Because God loves us and will turn all things Godly

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