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ECQPh Diaries Amid COVID-19

It’s day-I-don’t-know-what of the Enhanced Community Quarantine or ECQ in Luzon, which includes NCR, my region. These are what happened and are still happening to me and my family:

My mom got out of the hospital (from a month-long battle with cardiovascular disease, acute kidney disease, and severe pneumonia), just a few days before the General Community Quarantine was announced by the President. I was in the hospital with her for her scheduled therapy and haemodialysis the day the ECQ was raised. I have never been so afraid in all my life. My nervousness was worse than any of the times I gave birth. I was scared of the unknown and of the unseen enemy, COVID-19. I’m afraid my mom who is a high risk with all co-morbidities present (diabetic, hypertension and heart problem), might catch it in the hospital. I’m afraid I could catch it and bring it home to my family.

My mom stayed with my sister after that so she could fully recover with a better environment and better dietary monitoring. I, on the other hand, self-monitored for the standard fourteen days. I felt I needed to go in the side of greater precaution considering the exposure I had in the hospital. One of my mom’s doctor was the Infectious Disease Head of San Lazaro Hospital. I wished to self-isolate but it’s quite impossible with three small children and our help no longer coming to our house.

We were allowed to work from home. But, to be very honest about it, the first week of ECQ was nothing but panic for me. We were fortunately been able to stock up before the ECQ but last minute, my husband needed to buy more essentials for the kids. It was not an ordinary WFH set-up because one, we were not really able to set-up one. I have no working laptop. The office did not provide one. I don’t have my documents with me, my Outlook was not even set-up. I was on a survival mode. We started praying as a family every three in the afternoon.

Attending mass online. Taking spiritual communion. Catholic life in times of COVID-19 and ECQ

The second week seemed more relax but Is till worry with the rising cases, low healthcare capacity and slooow testing. The only thing that calms me is the thought that my family is intact inside our home. However, my mom’s check-ups were cancelled. Her oedema and hyperacidity resurfaced. Thankfully, we were able to contact her doctors and there were small labs still open to do her chest x-ray and bloodwork. So, I was still feeling like I’m in limbo. Will mom need to go to the hospital again? How about me? How am I doing? Last week, I had a low-grade fever and mild diarrhoea. This week, I was having a sore throat. Were these real or just a hysteria?  Then, I have to do things fast for work even without my usual arsenal. tough week, I tell you.

The third week was good and slow. Almost established a new normal. I still don’t have my usual tools for work but at least I could cope. God heard our prayers and healed my mom. She is now onto recovery. My self-monitoring ended without any worsening symptoms. Thank God. All we needed was to stay home and follow any known protocols in terms of disinfection. However, this new normal is something I’m not too excited about.

As of writing, it’s now the fourth week, supposed to be the last week of the ECQ, before it was extended for another two weeks. I still have some worrying thoughts on my mind. Like a pending meeting through Zoom, which I don’t have. My Internet is not that reliable. My mom’s health is a constant source of my worry. The financial hit this COVID-19 would have on us. When will this be over? It’s hard to live every day with the fear of the virus, disinfecting every minute, taking a bath as soon as you get home, physical distancing and out-of-stock essentials.

As much as I enjoy the time I have with my children, I still pray that this ordeal ends, for the good of all. But, HIS will be done. If this time is needed for the earth to heal, for souls to heal, for people to stay put, repent and pray especially this Holy Week, when people were accustomed to going on trips. The Lord knows best and I trust Him. This time is needed by mankind.

I pray for everyone’s safety! Be strong. God is with us.

2 thoughts on “ECQPh Diaries Amid COVID-19

  1. Stay strong po 😊 And I agree that this time is needed by mankind. Hopefully, we all come out to be better persons after this challenging period 🙏💕


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