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The Rest of Year 2020 is The Best of 2020

On the 3oth of November, we put up our white Christmas tree.

I’ve been on a hiatus once again, though I promised not to abandon this tiny but special e-home of mine. The only times I kinda switched off were when I was pregnant. I am no way pregnant, just taking a necessary mental health break away from 2020.

The perfect time to start again has arrived, December 01. My birth month. The Holiday season. The month I love the most. The end and the beginning. We all know how much this year has bombarded us, changed and challenged us, but I, like many others, refuse to let it claim everything. As the year of TOO MUCH, 2020, ends, let’s try to make the rest of its thirty one days, the best of it.

While I’m away from my space, I did sporadic brain farts on IG and FB stories. I also jot down the subjects and stories I would have wanted to blog about when I’m in my normal mode again. I would like to share the books I read. The things I miss from working in the office. The challenges of a work-from-home mama of three young children. And, the tips and tricks I kinda discovered along the journey. My thoughts on distance-blended learning and homeschooling. My hauls. Financial matters. And, of course, my heartbreaks. My mental health. My new-found loves.

By the way, guys, Premyo Bonds are issued already. Have you subscribed? This edition, however, yields lower interest. I did subscribe but not as much as I did last year. The stock market, I believe, is in pullback. If you missed the past opportunities especially last March, this is the best time to invest, add positions or just beef up, especially if you have bonuses coming in your pockets. I missed my chancel last March because my mom just had an angioplasty, so my savings were almost depleted that time. I hope some of you have managed to gain from the ECQ.

That would be all from me, for now. One of my children asked me what my birthday wish is. Napaisip ako guys, haha. So, here it is. I wish that we all come out of 2020 stronger yet kinder and gentler. I wish that 2020 won’t be just a sad year of loss and trials. I wish that we remember it as still being the year of the Lord. It was probably meant to teach us lessons on humilty, time and love.

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