♥ Relive The Moments ♥

This is a “better-late-than-never” post, my way to celebrate me and my husband’s 4th wedding anniversary weeks ago.To start of, here are 4 of my favorite moments of us together during travels which thankfully, were captured by cameras:First travel together. Puerto Princesa, Palawan @ Star Fish Island4th Honeymoon Destination. Mambukal Falls. Bacolod (TP)First adventure together.…… Continue reading ♥ Relive The Moments ♥


♥ The Untold Story of Surviving an Office Romance ♥

A little something about me: my husband and I met in my previous office. Up to this date, he’s still working there while I transferred to a new company about a year ago. All in all, we have had an office romance between 2008-2012. Whoa! That was almost five years we’re talking about right there.Why…… Continue reading ♥ The Untold Story of Surviving an Office Romance ♥

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♥ I know for sure… about MARRIAGE ♥

VIA I’ve been married for 2 years, 2 months. I know it’s not much especially as compared to those of others but it’s amazing and even surprising that in just a matter of 26 months, there are things that I already know for sure about marriage. Example, I know for sure that love may be…… Continue reading ♥ I know for sure… about MARRIAGE ♥

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♥ The Perfect Fit ♥

I think it’s true, the eldest rules the house. She’s the bossy type, most responsible and knowledgeable. The second to the eldest is the ‘masungit’ or moody. She’s the skillful and ultimate go-to-person. And the third child who’s been the youngest for so long is usually the frenemy or friend-enemy of the youngest. She’s the…… Continue reading ♥ The Perfect Fit ♥

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♥ What’s your Valentine? ♥

It has been my small tradition to spend the so-called V-Day on an out-of-town trip. Two years ago I was in Davao and then last year I was in Ilocos. For this year, aside from celebrating the Love Day, my hubby and I are also celebrating our first month as a wedded couple. 🙂 We…… Continue reading ♥ What’s your Valentine? ♥


♥ The E! Ring (E for engagement) ♥

Has it been eternity since my last post? ;(  I am actually dying to share through my online blog Lots of stuff that happened just recently like the VERY SUCCESSFUL HALLOWEEN PARTY of me & my friends, the WEEKEND HIBERNATION in no less ANAWANGIN, Zambales, the Health Concerns of my favorite aunt, my Career Dilemmas…… Continue reading ♥ The E! Ring (E for engagement) ♥


♥ WaLkiNg The LiNe ♥

I’m confused. It is interestingly confusing. That’s my initial reaction. This topic is indeed out of our league already since it has been buried deeply down in the past but having watched and falling in love with the 2005 hit movie starring Joaquin Phoenix (Oscar nominated) and Reese Witherspoon (Oscar’s Best Actress), “Walk The Line”…… Continue reading ♥ WaLkiNg The LiNe ♥

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♥ The Biggest Challenge in Life ♥

Yesterday’s mass is for me the BIGGEST CHALLENGE in life. I’ve heard it before so many times but I’m so guilty of not or really having difficult to practice it. Whichever. . So the Bible says love your enemies. Love those who do not love you for what good it would be to love those…… Continue reading ♥ The Biggest Challenge in Life ♥

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♥ Help me do MY OWN BUCKET LIST! ♥

Ordinary weekend. With my beloved Family. Simple Joys. Simple Stuff. Happy Life. A very well weekend.I know I’m on a DIET but this weekend is an excuse ’cause my Loves brought me these goodies. It’s Love!!! He’s still so sweet, isn’t he?It’s long overdue, but I’m super glad I managed to buy it alas! He…… Continue reading ♥ Help me do MY OWN BUCKET LIST! ♥


♥ Web Finds: etsy & scrapee ♥

I love, love, love vintage looking items that are not exactly antiques.  So one lousy afternoon, I could not help but let myself and my pocket fall a little bit. ;)From online store Etsy, I brought [and excitedly waiting for the shipment!] these lockets of different shapes, sizes and appeal. Lockets are my favorites! I…… Continue reading ♥ Web Finds: etsy & scrapee ♥