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♥ #MamaFinds : Vitamins and Medicines My Family Takes ♥

Christmas is the season to be jolly and DEFINITELY not to be sick! However, this merry season happens to be the time of our year when the temperature drops and as it occurs, many people can easily get sick. In order to protect my family from sickness which can, in turn, spoil this joyful season,…… Continue reading ♥ #MamaFinds : Vitamins and Medicines My Family Takes ♥

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♥ Blissful Kids at Kidzoona ♥

I have been off the radar again for a while and my draft posts/topics just keep on lining up. All because all the first-trimester pregnancy symptoms have surfaced now that I’m in my second-trimester. But, no worries, I’m positive I can catch up soon, especially once I made one HUGE life-changing decision in the days…… Continue reading ♥ Blissful Kids at Kidzoona ♥

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♥ DIY Birthday Party (in pictures) ♥

This month, my son Jonath celebrated his birthday. We planned to go to Dreamworks/Dreamplay but we opted to cancel due to the sudden death of my dear brother-in-law Dr. Charlemagne G. Aguinaldo. Our hearts are still heavy –still in the deep sense of loss and grief. But, birthdays are celebrations of life and life should…… Continue reading ♥ DIY Birthday Party (in pictures) ♥

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♥ CooL Online Game Websites for Kids ♥

I started my day with some kick-*ss!!! I was one breath away from being left by the scheduled bus, thank God the driver is in a good mood. =) So, he waited for me while I cross the street, holding my spare shoes in my hands! LOL But, all good when I finally started my…… Continue reading ♥ CooL Online Game Websites for Kids ♥