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♥ #BlissfulHomes : Functional and Kid-friendly Home ♥

It’s past 11 PM. We would be returning to Manila in less than eight hours. Five whole straight days spent with the mister and the kids. Wow! Undoubtedly exhausting but unbelievably blissful too. I don’t know how is that possible. Thank You, dear God, for this blessing. In my heart, I silently wish that this…… Continue reading ♥ #BlissfulHomes : Functional and Kid-friendly Home ♥

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♥ Attitude of Gratitude: March Edition ♥

I want to keep my mini blog tradition of writing a monthly highlight of my gratitude list. For the month of March, which also marks the end of the first quarter of 2017, I am so grateful to have been blessed with the following: An essentially normal result of my third baby’s congenital scan. It…… Continue reading ♥ Attitude of Gratitude: March Edition ♥

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Blissful Homes: Tips on General House Cleaning

One thing I am excited about a year ending and a new one starting is the family general cleaning of the whole household. I have a mild case of OC (obsessive-compulsive). There are nights when I could not sleep thinking of endless house chores. I can’t concentrate in being productive in a dirty and messy…… Continue reading Blissful Homes: Tips on General House Cleaning

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♥ House 101 ♥

The hubby & I are moving to our newly leased townhouse somewhere in the South. And I’m too excited to clean, clear and decorate our new love-nest. But, first things first, ayt?! 😉 Since the hubby hates too much heat and given Philippine’s hot weather, THIS GIANT APPLIANCE is a must! I originally wanted a grayish one…… Continue reading ♥ House 101 ♥

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Home Bargains

Living abroad for me equates independence, freedom, self-tests, soul-search, endurance and opportunities, but never easy, especially financially. I had a huge change of lifestyle. (needs a separate post!) I was never much into expensive items, hey I’m a Tondo girl – a proud one I must say. Divisoria is one jeepney ride away. As a…… Continue reading Home Bargains

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How to Prevent Burglary

A couple of days ago, I read a news about the burglary incident at Anne Curtis’ (actress/model/style icon) house which I think, if I’m not mistaken is somewhere in the South. See related story in this LINK. Incidents like these are scary and truly saddening. Such misfortune and alarming incident may happen to anyone, YOU, me,…… Continue reading How to Prevent Burglary

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Limited Personal Space?: No Problem

I recently moved to a small room in the Capital City. Being with other people in the same house is not easy, and the thought that my room is “my only private place” makes it even harder. So, for those like me who are living solo in downtown with limited personal space, the ff. tips…… Continue reading Limited Personal Space?: No Problem