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Limiting Kids’ Time on Gadgets

Since the vacation started, I found it harder to limit my kids’ use of their gadgets. Just last year, I did my list on how to enforce gadget discipline on my kids. However, I think I needed to revise them as some do not or cannot be applied anymore today; the eye-protection rule, one-battery-life a…… Continue reading Limiting Kids’ Time on Gadgets

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♥ House Rules on Children’s Gadget Use ♥

My two school kids have breezily become more technology savvy than I am. The truth is that we never deprived them of gadget use but between me and their father, he is the more tolerant while I, the mother, regulate. To be honest, I am guilty of turning to gadgets for help when it comes…… Continue reading ♥ House Rules on Children’s Gadget Use ♥