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♥ Roadshow @ Hotel Intercontinental ♥

Despite downing a Sola Iced Tea in Raspberry flavor, I still feel so haggard and stressed-out and tired without any apparent reason. Maybe I’m just hormonal these days. Here’s a quick share of the Roadshow I attended last Wednesday at Hotel Intercontinental at Makati City.

The roadshow about Electronic Payment & Collection and sidelights about e-commerce law. The topics and the foodie at Intercon must be blab about separately. So, foodie first okay?. 😉

* The Breakfast. Tuna Pandesal & Clubhouse & rich coffee (not in photo). *

* The Lunch. ’twas a complete menu, though I forgot what they are called. Sorry naman. 😉 *

* The Dessert Part I. The cake was so-so. *

* The Dessert Part II. I particularly liked the cold-cuts of fruits because they were sweet! and the Strawberry Cheesecake was also a Love! *

* The meryenda (afternoon snack). Awesome! A mini empanada and ensaymada with Blueberry and Strawberry cheesecakes. Heaven! 😉 *

* The meryenda dessert (afternoon snack-dessert). I loved the meringue. It reminded me NZ’s most famous specialty cake – The Pavlova. *

* With my buddy – Dave *

* With my Loves, Mikey *


I had a grand time  at Hotel Intercon, Makati. 🙂 The service and the food served were superb. Match with modern and in-demand topics and high-caliber speakers, it had been one great day of learning and eating. I’m an advocate of e-commerce, you know!. 🙂

A day, this ChoncnutMuncher badly needs.

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