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♥ Throwback 2009 ♥

They say that the best foundation of a relationship is friendship. It may be conventional and even be considered as boring and unromantic as compared to love-at-first-sights, May-December love affairs, whirlwind romances and you-and-me against the world kind of thing but starting out as friends is for me, still the best.
But to those whose relationships do not exactly started out from friendships, like me, do not fret because, from my experience, it doesn’t really matter when exactly the friendship happens, as long as it happens or will happen.
Looking back, ours wasn’t actually built on friendship. It was only in the 2nd year of our relationship when we became genuine friends. Luckily, fate made it possible for us.
It was way back in 2009 when we decided to try living abroad. Cutting the drama out of this post, simply put, all our plans failed. All our expectations went the other way around. All our savings were gone in just a few weeks! All the preparations had gone useless. Every decision we made was wrong. As in everything we thought would happen never happened and everything we hoped not to happen, happened. In one line, jointly and individually we hit rock bottom.
Since both of us were raised in faith, we were able to pull ourselves closer to God despite our situation. And surprisingly, a beautiful thing happened to us. At that time, we never knew that we were already building a strong and solid foundation for our relationship. All we thought was we were just trying to survive.  We highly depended on and relied on each other and only each other. We trusted and looked after each other. We felt like we only had each other at that side of the world. I guess it’s because we do understand each other’s situation the most. We cheered up each other. We did everything together (became happy, sad and mad). We became the best of friends. The romantic side had to step aside since we’re seeing each other’s weaknesses, flaws, and vulnerabilities. It was really the friendship that was born and blossomed and the partnership was developed.
I remember the nights when after the mass (which was after my job), we had to endure the cold and rainy nights waiting at the bus stop, with no one else around us. I remember all the days we did an odd job together. I remember the only date we knew, at McDonald’s, ordering a $10.00 meal, always. I remember the food we always buy with our $20 weekly budget. I remember all the difficulties we had living with people we didn’t really know and who had issues with one another. I remember us being broke and not being able to buy what we wanted. I remember everything, and so does he ( I believe).
I also remember the moment when I finally had an office job (we spent a few dollars on chocolates and other foods we wanted to but could not afford), but I was already booked to return home. I remember the dilemma and the decision which made me feel I passed on a great opportunity and which I never regretted in my life. Had I decide to stay, we may not be the partners we are now. I just know it. Pride was easy to let go of, anytime, but not freedom, free will, self-respect, and convictions. Sometimes you will just have to refuse being caged in a battle you thought you were ready for but were not, and maybe, just maybe, not even made of.
Every time we think about it now, it puts a smile on our faces, our hearts get warm with the thought that we did share something magical and special way back in 2009. Something that has a lasting impact. Something we really cannot describe with mere words. Something that was felt and will be recognized ONLY by our hearts. Something that serves as the foundation of our marriage. That something is our friendship, like a root which gives life to our love. Others don’t see it because it’s hidden on the ground, but it is there.
It’s amazing indeed that, that phase in our lives is the phase we will not ever trade for anything else in the world for the rest of our lives, and yes not even for a trip to my dreamland Paris!
Start building a friendship with your spouses/partners. It’s never too late!
My Favorite Photo of Us

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