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♥ Must-have Jewelries for Women ♥

I have several items on my bucket and most involve adventures and travel, both of which are an impossibility if you are a mommy of three young children who are still under the age of five with no yaya/househelp. Well, that’s reality — my reality! And, that’s okay. I honestly believe that there is a season for everything and now is the season for them to be little children and collect lots of fun childhood memories while I mother them day and night, every single day.  However, a non-moving bucket list is boring, discouraging and even frustrating so I’m adding items on the bucket which are more realistic and achievable at the time being.

For years, I’ve been wanting to buy/loan for another house (although in my five-year plan, it’s supposed to happen in 2020 pa after we’ve finished our first house loan). However, after I gave birth to baby V, I realized it’s actually difficult to maintain real properties. We have not gone back in the South for almost a month now because we’ve been so busy with a thousand and one things, opening of the school year, me going back to work and baby V’s upcoming baptismal, plus, the rainy season has come. Besides, the mister wants to prioritize the property up North which has been idle for years already. Before this realization, I don’t agree with him but now that I’ve come to my more logical and practical senses, I support him 100%, so we’re saving up for that. I’m afraid it’ll cost us our arms and legs! Hehe

Since a bucket list full of travels and adventures is something I cannot fulfill at the moment and a new property is equally beyond possible, I decided to have a must-have list of gold jewelries instead. Haha. Gastos na naman! But, kidding aside I think that precious gold jewelries can become good investments too. If you buy a piece of jewelry for let’s say, 10,000 pesos, you can bring it to a pawnshop the next day for half its cost (5,000 pesos) or more if it’s really of good quality. So, imagine, vanity satisfied with guaranteed returns pa. It’s never a waste to buy a piece of gold or good jewelry in my opinion because (1) nakakaganda talaga sila! (it makes one more beautiful and sometimes even glamorous); (2) they give life to our wardrobe/OOTD; (3) they are proof hard work and; (4) they can easily be traded or converted to goods or cash in case of emergencies or worst, war (war talaga!).  So, what are my dream pieces of jewelry?

At least 1 ct, VVS – SI, J, diamond ring in round, princess and emerald cuts in at least 14k white and yellow gold settings

diamond ring
image from Pexels

At least 1 ct, VVS – SI, J, diamond stud earrings in round, princess and emerald cuts in at least 14k white and yellow gold settings

image from Brilliant Jewelry IG account

Gold loop earrings in medium and large sizes

loop earrings
image from Brilliant Jewelry IG account

Creole medium-sized earrings

image from Brilliant Jewelry IG account

South Sea Pearl ring in at least 14k white gold setting

image from Just Jewels

South Sea Pearl Earrings in at least 14k white gold setting


Opal birthstone ring in at least 14k setting

image from Just Jewels

At least 18k gold ring with five small birthstones (Sapphire, Topaz, Opal, Pearl, and Diamond)

Yun lang! (That’s all!) Haha. I know that the above items will already cost a fortune. But hey, everyone’s free to dream! Actually, I’ve already “forced” my husband to buy me a push present/ring for our third child, a beautiful lone natural Sapphire set in white gold. I have yet to “force” him to buy me push presents/rings for our first two children because the three of them should always be equal. And, it’s better late than never. Also, I want a new pair of a wedding band for us. Have I told you that we did not buy rings for our wedding? We just used what we already had as a promise ring. Today, we don’t wear a couple ring anymore. The old one doesn’t fit my finger which has gone too big after three childbirths (along with my whole body!). Lastly, I want a Right-Hand-Ring, preferably with a diamond which would symbolize my independence as a woman, achievements, pride, feminism and the many times I stood up after a fall. Yeah, that’s correct, something to remind me how far I’ve come, how far I still need to go and how tough I’ve become along my journey. Right now, I’ll just let my eyes feast on the various beauties I find on the web and one particular website I’ve been visiting the past weeks is Just Jewels Online Shop and if you are a bling-lover like I am, you need to check it out! Their items are so lovely and affordable!



*All six items from Just Jewels Online Store


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