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♥ Vivalyte: The Electrolyte Drink for Children ♥

Last week was an awesome week of learning, momsies. I attended three seminars, two of them were for free. The two seminars I attended for free were about Digital Marketing and Facebook Marketing and they were given by Google Philippines and Facebook Asia and Pacific reps respectively. The other one is about my Accountancy profession. All practicing accountants/auditors are taking the required hours of training and seminars because of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Law. And, I can’t wait to share with you the things I learned from those seminars, especially about digital and facebook marketing.

Unfortunately, this week is unfolding unfavorably for me. First, my mom sprained her wrist. Nadulas sya kakalinis ng harapan namin. “Mother, bakit naman kasi kung kelan maulan tsaka ka naglilinis ng harapan?!” What’s worse even more challenging is the kids’ bout with an upset stomach. They just started vomiting on Sunday afternoon. Every meal they take they throw up. I thought they were getting better when the vomiting became less frequent but today, I had to take a leave from office to monitor their toilet trips.

I have already talked with their pediatrician and I’m keeping her posted. The kids are still energetic and they don’t have a fever or any other symptoms. They can also eat albeit in lesser portions than what they usually eat. Dra A. just told me to keep them hydrated and give them Erceflora to help clean their tummies. What a perfect timing pa nga! It was just a week ago when Dra. A. requested me to answer a survey about mothers’ knowledge about kids’ healthy guts and how probiotics can help for a lecture she’ll be giving. And, here we are now, dealing with it.

Anyway, you know why I love my kids’ pediatrician? Aside from she’s a good doctor, she also has an eye for kid-friendly and kid-appealing medicines/products. Well, siguro that’s part of their job as pediatricians. But, I’ve been to other pedias (kapag out of town or country si Dra. A.) and they rarely care about which medicines the children would like to take. I mean, it would not hurt to do recommendations naman, diba? They can always prescribe naman the generic ones para budget-friendly but they can also share what they think is the best brand or taste for children. That’s the difference with Dra. A. She gives personal recommendations but does not force them down our throat. She gives alternatives too.

Dra. A.’s latest #BlissfulFinds for mamas and their diarrhea-stricken kids is Vivalyte. The last time I consulted her due to my child’s LBM as a side effect of an antibiotic she was taking at that time, she still prescribed the old way to keep my child hydrated which is in a powder form to be mixed with water. Most kids don’t like it.


Vivalyte is an electrolyte drink which comes in fruity flavors such as apple (my kids’ favorite). It contains Sodium, Potassium and Dextrose which are vital to staying hydrated especially in times when children can’t keep in what they ate. It is manufactured by a Taisho Pharmaceutical (PH), Inc., licensed by its Japanese mother company.

Truly, it is not always bad to live as a child these days because of too many useful innovations especially in the fields of science, technology and healthcare. Thanks, Dra. A for introducing to me and the kids, Vivalyte!

3 thoughts on “♥ Vivalyte: The Electrolyte Drink for Children ♥

  1. True! VIVALYTE is a big help in rehydrating my kids during swim training and especially during competition compared to some energy and thirst quenching drinks or a similar type of product but hars to open and bulky. We gave it also when the kids have strenous activities in school as part of thier snacks. Easy to pack and taste good too that even a parent would love to drink. Very affordable too and it has 2 different flavors, apple (my youngestp sons fave) and orange (for my eldest). Whats more nice in this product is that it also comes in powder form where all you have to do is to mix it in a 200ml of water. (Much more cheaper). Thank you VIVALYTE!


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