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My Top Five: Rich Legacy for the Kids (Experience over Material Stuff)

Legacy may be too “big” a word to use in this post but I think I’ll stick with it. Over the weekend, I backed-up all our photos taken from my phone over the last three years. Inevitably, I had a trip down the memory lane. My children have grown so fast, I couldn’t really grasp how!!! I know that one day (and, I kind of dread that day) I’ll just wake up and I’m not their whole world anymore. So, I vow not to waste any opportunity to hug them, kiss them, cuddle them, teach them life lessons, love them and bring them closer to God.

It is still my goal to buy a vacant lot where the three of them can build their dream homes side by side. That land, values in life, faith in the Lord and good education are the only things I wish to leave with them. Plus, this one: a touch of nature and blissful memories with their family which they could always find inside their hearts should they need to have something great to look back on someday. The mister and I, we decided to prioritize family bonding moments over material things/toys. Here are some of our treasured moments with our three adorable children:

In no particular order: Cebu / Puerto Princesa / Tagaytay Crosswinds / Pico de Loro / Canyon Cove / The Manila Hotel / Sofitel / Las Casas

As far as leaving a rich legacy is concerned, valuing quality time with family definitely makes it to my top five! Before the school year starts, we’ll try to create more blissful memories with our children. Like this one which happened just last week! Tune in for the next four rich legacies I plan to give to our kids!

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